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EuroNoize at FACT Mag


EuroNoize - event news at FACT Mag.

The EU-funded event is described as a celebration of “music that runs deeper than national borders” and was set up by promoters Galia and Pil Kollectiv to “represent the secret international fellowship of ‘punx and weirdos’ stretching everywhere from Russia to Ireland”.
— FACT Mag



IDLES album tops ’s albums of 2018 at BBC News.

The group’s second album Joy as an Act of Resistance is “a really powerful record but it’s still quite sly,” said DJ Steve Lamacq.
— BBC News

Ondt Blod album stream at Metal Hammer


Ondt Blod track by track new album stream at Metal Hammer

Throughout Natur’s ten tracks, Ondt Blod tackle topics of friendship, growing up, change and the treatment of the Sami people in Norway.
— Metal Hammer

Evanescence's Amy Lee interview on Noisey

Evanescence's Amy Lee interview - 19 Questions About Love and Death... on Noisey

And love can completely change you. It can make you physically ill, it’s such an amazing force. It’s also something we can’t see or control.
— Amy Lee on Noisey