The Trials Of Cato debut album out 9 November 2018


Album release: ‘Hide And Hair’ by The Trials Of Cato
Release date: 9 November 2018
Label: Water Records
More info: Band website

“one of the real discoveries on the folk circuit in recent times.” - Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

The Trials Of Cato are today sharing their new single ‘Gloria’, the first to be taken from forthcoming debut album ‘Hide And Hair’. Folk Radio have premiered the song, which you can listen to here.

Guitarist and vocalist Tomo Williams comments on the track; “When the band first returned from Lebanon we travelled around the folk clubs of the UK in our van and came across an inspiring individual that we couldn’t resist writing about. It’s a story of self-discovery and a celebration of being true to oneself. Lots of old folk songs talk about women dressing up as men for financial or personal gain, and we wanted to write a song about someone doing this simply because they want to! This is a song about the emotional journey of a person who comes to terms with their own identity and learns to take pride in it.”

See The Trials Of Cato live on the following dates:

  • Oct 20 - Lichfield Folk Festival

  • Oct 21 - The Canteen, Bristol

  • Nov 1 - Album Launch in Storyhouse Theatre, Chester

  • Nov 3 - FATEA 30th Anniversary, Bournemouth

  • Dec 6 - Newport Folk Club

  • Jan 11 - Ram Folk Club

  • Jan 13 - Folk at the Froize

  • Feb 14 - Falkirk Folk Club

The Trials Of Cato, a band that arrived fully formed and functioning from Beirut in the winter of 2016, have since torn a shape very much their own into the canvas of the UK folk scene. Originally from North Wales and Yorkshire, whilst living in Lebanon they spent a year boiling down the roots of their sound into a sweet hybrid of traditional influences that intrigued Lebanese audiences in the country’s biggest venues. They moved back to the UK to quickly produce their self-title debut EP at the Abbey Road Institute in London. The recording was well received – BBC Radio 2’s Mark Radcliffe hails them as “one of the real discoveries on the folk circuit in recent times.” Their musical development in the run up to their debut album proper, has been swift and sure.

This winter the trio release ‘Hide And Hair’, after a year of near-vertical ascent from a standing start. The trio may inhabit the folk genre with a grateful respect for its history but with this album they twist its old bones into something febrile and contemporary. Stunning instrumental technique hooked to an innovative presentation of traditional and original material leads to a sound where a seventeenth century widow’s lament for a lost soldier lover (My Love’s In Germany) can segue into a stomping dance tune – transporting us from the gloom of the Thirty Years War to the vibrant bounce of beckoning festival main stages.

With a clear nod to the musical revivals of the sixties and seventies, Hide And Hair is rooted in the folk traditions of Ireland and Britain but the themes remain decidedly contemporary and questioning. Recorded in the spring of 2018 at Penylan studios in mid-Wales, the array of material is hugely diverse, the album almost being treated as a journey across both time and continents. Album opener Difyrrwch is their own arrangement of three traditional melodies, two Welsh, one English (Hen Ferchetan, Difyrrwch Gwyr y Gogledd, The Parson's Farewell) and Kadisha – the title of which was taken from the name of a spectacular valley in northern Lebanon - finds the band inspired by their first steps into a part of Lebanon peppered with monasteries and ancient buildings. Hide And Hair is as much about characters as it is places, however. ‘Gloria’ is a story of self-discovery and a celebration of being true to oneself. And Gawain takes its inspiration from the medieval tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It's a folk song in spirit but perhaps one which here draws on some heavier rock, psychedelic and Eastern influences, with the electric guitar even making a rare appearance. Like ‘Gloria’, it is essentially the human story of an ordinary character trying to deal with extraordinary circumstances – in this case a beheading match with the supernatural character of the green knight.

Throughout ‘Hide And Hair’, the band’s skill, playfulness and willingness to keep exploring and developing their sound – and the genre – is clear. Whether plying their trade busking, performing in front of thousands at festivals across Europe, or frequently selling out their own club shows, The Trials of Cato have the wind behind them.

Mixed by Donald Richard in Toronto and mastered by John Davis of Metropolis Studios in London.

The Trials Of Cato are: Robin Jones - Mandolin, tenor banjo, vocals / William Addison - Irish bouzouki, vocals / Tomos Williams - Guitar, vocals

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Hauschka debut album due February 2019


Album release: ‘A Different Forest’ by Hauschka
Release date: February 2019
More info: Artist website

Sony Classical is pleased to announce the release of the first single ‘Curious’ on October 12 – by renowned pianist and Oscar-nominated film composer Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann). The single ‘Curious’ offers the first glimpse of his upcoming album ‘A Different Forest’ in which he does away with his customary instrumental preparations to return to the pure piano. The first single heralds the central themes of the album: the experience of nature as the basis for Hauschka’s understanding of life and the composition of music. For him, the concept of nature is epitomised by the image of a forest.

Listen to ‘Curious’ on Spotify here.

“In A Different Forest, I’m focusing on the forest as a natural environment and contrast to the urban everyday life; to my surroundings. Where do I want to live and work? What surroundings do I need in order to feel fulfilled? By examining these questions I always come back to nature. How often have I gone for a walk and finished on the crest of a hill or mountain top, and found a new perspective on things. It’s quite a moving experience. The experience of the sublime. Realising that everything has been there for such a long time and will continue to exist, yet in contrast, our human existence is reduced to but a fraction of the earth’s history.” The forest is also a symbol of change for Hauschka. Here people can find themselves again and feel surrounded by, as well as a part of, a unified whole.

Wandering in the forest is also comparable for Hauschka to his way of composing. He doesn’t initially write down his music, but rather develops melodies, motives or rhythmic ideas that he tests at the piano and then records. So a piece comes into being through the process of playing. A technique he also applied in his early works, that can be attributed back to his experiences walking in nature.

“My way of composing is similar to walking freely through the forest. When wandering you simply set off into the unknown. You find yourself in surroundings where nothing can be certain and you must trust your own senses in order to find orientation. You select the starting point and certain pointers along the way, but you cannot foresee what will take place enroute. I experienced this very early on and it was essential in order to discover my senses and to realise that when I trust my intuition, a lot can be achieved. So musical ideas are for me in this sense like waypoints while playing and the playing itself is like the wandering that joins them together. In a way I organise sounds into a musical journey.”

Hauschka often lets his compositions sit for weeks after he has recorded them, only later coming back to listen to them, further develop or rework them. The track Curious displays the process of development very clearly, as Hauschka explains: “With Curious, there is a pause after the first 20 seconds. This originated from the live recording, because as I played through the opening motive, I realised that I had to start the piece anew. But I ended up retaining this “false-start” in the final mix, because I wanted to show the development process."

For Hauschka every musical work is therefore a momentary recording of his activities in the here and now. Similar to a hike it’s often first in looking back, that the way reveals its ‘meaning’. So too with Hauschka’s compositions – it’s often on looking back at the process of their creation that their sense crystallises. Furthermore A Different Forest is also a plea for us to protect and preserve our natural world.

Hauschka will take the album on tour in 2019

Ever prolific, Hauschka has worked on numerous projects throughout the last decade, most notably in the fields of theatre, dance and classical ensemble works. In recent years Hauschka has also built a prolific career writing scores for films, coming to international prominence in this field through his soundtrack for the hit film Lion in 2016. Scored in collaboration with Dustin O’Halloran, the soundtrack was nominated for numerous awards including an Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA. His other recent soundtrack work includes the films Hotel Mumbai (premiered at the Toronto Film Festival 2018), Adrift (2018), In Dubious Battle (2016), Exodus (2016) & Praia do Futuro (2014); and music for the new US TV mini-series Patrick Melrose (2018) starring Benedict Cumberbatch. This Fall he will be inducted as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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Deer Tick new album out 1 February 2019

deer tick.jpg

Album release: ‘Mayonnaise’ by Deer Tick
Release date: 1 February 2019
Label: Partisan
More info: Band website

On Feb 1st Deer Tick will release a new compilation album entitled ‘Mayonnaise’ – a 13-song companion piece to last year's full-length albums 'Deer Tick Vol. 1' and 'Deer Tick Vol. 2.' Listen to two tracks from ‘Mayonnaise’ now - a cover of George Harrison’s ‘Run Of The Mill’ as well as brand new track ‘Hey! Yeah!’, which is accompanied by a Scorpion Dagger animated visualizer.

  • Check out new track ‘Hey! Yeah!’ here.

  • Listen to ‘Run Of The Mill’ here.

The band explains: “On ‘Mayonnaise,’ you’ll find alternate versions of songs from ‘Vol. 1’ & ‘Vol. 2’ that we feel have their own merit and wanted to share. We also decided to record some of the cover songs that ‘Vol. 1’ & ‘Vol. 2’ inspired us to play on our Twice Is Nice Tour. We had such a good time playing these covers live that it felt appropriate to document them here. And, lastly, if we are going into the studio, why not write a few new songs, record them, and give the fans something new to round everything out? So, here you go, this is ‘Mayonnaise.’”

'Deer Tick Vol. 1' and 'Deer Tick Vol. 2' were the band’s first new material since 2013’s ‘Negativity’ and were recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. The albums earned raves everywhere from Vice Noisey, Consequence of Sound, Mojo, Uncut, Uproxx, as well as a performance on CBS This Morning. The band will be on tour in the UK / Ireland this November. More dates to be announced soon.

Praise for 'Deer Tick Vol. 1' and 'Deer Tick Vol. 2’

"...with Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, McCauley solidifies his status as a modern-day barstool poet...throughout both albums, the band varies its rhythms and arrangements with surprising agility." – Pitchfork

“Vol.1 is raw, introspective and rootsy… Vol.2 is its noisy yang” – Mojo

“Vol 1 is reflective and rootsy… Vol 2 is high-class punk thrash” – Uncut

"...'Deer Tick Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2' find the Rhode Island roots rockers back and better than ever...Deer Tick's most optimistic effort yet, a masterclass in newfound maturity not losing what made the band so likeable in the first place." – Noisey

"If the motive behind putting out two albums with contrasting volumes was intended as a demonstration of ambition and range, well, mission accomplished" - NPR Fresh Air

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Amgala Temple debut album out 2 November 2018


Album release: 'Invisible Airships' by Amgala Temple
Release date: 2 November 2018
Label: Pekula Records
More info: Band Facebook

  • Feat members of Jaga Jazzist, Susanne Sundfør, Todd Terje, Morudes, Bushman’s Revenge and a-ha.

  • Amgala Temple share new single 'Amgala Avenue'

  • See the premiere via Noise Magazine

  • Hear/share the single here

Made up of three incredibly prominent Norwegian musicians: Amund Maarud, Gard Nilssen and Lars Horntveth, who have made a name for themselves as bandleaders, solo artists and musicians in an array of projects including Jaga Jazzist, Susanne Sundfør, Todd Terje, Morudes, Bushman’s Revenge, a-ha and Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity, Amgala Temple is the sound of three experienced musical forces combining to create an overwhelming clash of spontaneity and control.

Amgala Temple sounds little like their previous output. These musicians’ profound interest in old and new sounds, and their deep respect for each other, was essential in creating this space where they could create more freely - venturing into new sonic landscapes - letting whatever happens happen. Built out of a love for improvisation and merging sounds from the 70s right through to the present day, the lead single ‘Amgala Avenue’ is a perfect snapshot of what to expect from the record. It’s a beguiling blend of progressive, jazz-infused, instrumental psych-rock channeling influences from King Crimson to Miles Davis to Black Sabbath.

Their debut album ‘Invisible Airships’ was recorded at Oslo Konserthus and Amper Tone Studios and was recorded in only a few days. As a document of their natural sound, the recordings remain untampered, resulting in a very honest display of their core sound. Lars Horntveth’s multi-instrumentalism - playing bass, synthesizers and more, Amund Maarud’s wild guitar abilities and Gard Nilssen’s impeccable freeform drumming makes for a breathtaking and hugely exploratory new direction.

Amgala Temple is one of the most exciting musical projects to come out of this Norway in a long time, and this is only the very start of their new journey. This album is the first of a series of records that will be offered by Amgala Temple through Pekula Records, a record label set to document bold sounding, experimental and imaginative music from in and outside of Norway.

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Touché Amoré new album out 30 November 2018


Album release: ‘10 Years / 1000 Shows at The Regent Theater’ by Touché Amoré
Release date: 30 November 2018
Label: Epitaph
More info: Band website

On February 16th, Touché Amoré played their 1000th show at The Regent Theater in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles to celebrate their 10-year anniversary as a band. The recording of the sold out show will be released as a live album entitled ‘10 Years / 1000 Shows at The Regent Theater’ on November 30th via Epitaph.

Watch the live video of “Flowers and You” from the 1000th show Touche Amore here.

‘10 Years / 1000 Shows at The Regent Theater’ features 27 live recorded tracks that were mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio in Salem, MA.

In late 2016 Touché Amoré released their fourth studio album, ‘Stage Four’. The album ‘Stage Four’ graced many Best of 2016 lists including A.V. Club’s 20 Best Albums of 2016 list, Stereogum’s 50 Best Albums Of 2016 list, one of the year’s best L.A. albums by L.A. Weekly, and one of the 20 best emo/punk albums of 2016 by Brooklyn Vegan. In addition, Apple Music ranked the Stage Four single ‘Palm Dreams’ among the Best Rock Tracks and Best Hard Rock Songs of 2016.

Praise for last album ‘Stage Four’

“This thing is close to flawless” – Brooklyn Vegan

“A harrowing and unrelenting record, Stage Four is a glowing testament to the post-hardcore band’s melodicism, honesty and unconditional empathy” – Pitchfork – 8.1

“A songwriting maturity now marked by complex and soaring melodies.” – NPR

“Bigger, louder and grander.” – Stereogum - Album Of The Week

“An essential release.” – Metal Hammer

**** - DIY, **** - Upset, 8/10 – Rock Sound, KKKK – Kerrang!, **** - Dork, **** - Total Guitar

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Death By Unga Bunga on tour October 2018


Tour announcement: Death By Unga Bunga
Tour dates: October 2018
More info: Band website

Ash have just announced that the brilliant Oslo-based power-punks Death By Unga Bunga, will be joining them on their upcoming UK tour latest this month. The band will also be performing a headline show in Huddersfield in and amongst the dates with Ash.

The band have been handpicked by Ash for the dates as they are known for their wild live shows across Europe and the US.

Death By Unga Bunga recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary as a band by releasing the brilliant album 'So Far, So Good, So Cool' via Jansen. The band have been described by Brookyln Vegan as making "an infectious racket that recalls late ’60s Britpop and mid-’00s garage". In 2017, the band joined punk legends Stiff Little Fingers on their 40th Anniversary World Tour.

Find all upcoming UK live dates, below:

  • Oct 16th: Sheffield, Leadmill

  • Oct 17th: Glasgow, The Garage

  • Oct 19th: Bristol, SWX

  • Oct 20th: Birmingham, O2 Institute

  • Oct 21st: Norwich, Waterfront

  • Oct 22nd: Huddersfield, The Parish (without ASH)

  • Oct 23rd: Manchester, O2 Ritz

  • Oct 24th: London, O2 Forum

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Sarathy Korwar new album out 9 November 2018


Album release: ‘My East Is Your West’ by Sarathy Korwar
Release date: 9 November 2018
Label: Gearbox Records
More info: Artist website

Off the back of his critically acclaimed Ninja Tune debut ‘Day to Day’ and his lauded collaboration with Shabaka Hutchings and Hieroglyphic Being on A.R.E. Project in 2017, indo-jazz percussionist, producer and composer Sarathy Korwar and his newly formed UPAJ Collective are now ready to release their debut record, ‘My East Is Your West’.

Made up of estimable Indian jazz and classical musicians that share Sarathy’s passion for jazz and Indian music, UPAJ collective consists of 10 members including the likes of adroit Indian musicians such as Aravindhan Baheerathan (bansuri), Jasdeep Singh Degun (sitar), Aditya Prakash (vocals) and B C Manjunath (percussion) alongside John Ball (santoor and tabla) and respected jazz musicians including Tamar Osborn (sax and flute), Alastair MacSween (piano), Jesse Bannister (saxophonist), Giuliano Modarelli (guitar) and Domenico Angarano (bass).

Recorded live at Church Of Sound in early 2018, the new album sees Sarathy and his fellow musicians explore and challenge the concepts of ‘East’ and ‘West’ and the intersection at which western jazz meets Indian music. Led by Sarathy in a seated circle facing one another, the ensemble guides the audience through a selection of homages that explore Indian ragas and talas with smatterings of western harmony and hypnotic jazz. The result is an a truly contemplative 10 tracks traversing fervent percussion, meditative passages of ambience, raw improvisation and traditional Indian music, which is as beguiling as it is edifying.

Throughout the history of contemporary jazz many artists have had a fascination for Indian music, leading to records which are now considered to be quintessential spiritual jazz milestones. However, whilst most popular spiritual jazz from the 60s and 70s set out to explore the music, culture and religion in foreign continents, the material sometimes only incorporated certain elements of these cultures and what East meant to, or was perceived as, by those particular artists. Importantly, these musicians were also only at the start of a narrative that has become more complex as time has gone on with a greater accessibility to different music and cultures and with many more people studying Indian music and contributing to Indo-jazz.

On ‘My East Is Your West’ Sarathy balances the scales for the current and future generations, providing insight and criticising the sometimes-simplistic adoption of “Eastern styles”, whilst also building on the narrative of what ‘East’ is, and equally challenging listeners to consider where ‘East’ is. Speaking about the album Sarathy says, “For this album, the musicians play the songs of notable jazzers and Indian classical musicians who have all been interested in this cross-cultural musical exchange in the past. But this needs redefining, as the narrative has moved along considerably since these songs were initially recorded in the 1960s-70s. Although great recordings, many of which are considered classics, their nod to any non-jazz traditions of music today seem tokenistic and express a deep-rooted orientalised view of Indian music and it's music makers.

'Eastern music', much like the term "African music' are still ubiquitous and are indicative of how the UK sees, hears and consumes a lot of music that is from afar. This album (and it's title - My East Is Your West) attempts to question notions of what and where 'East' and 'West' is, in the disturbingly common and casual use of these terms whilst talking about music and bringing together both jazz and Indian classical music with a shift in the power dynamic.”

With every record Sarathy releases his music becomes more exploratory and insightful, delving into his personal influences, which also inspire much of the music in the jazz scene that surrounds him. At a time where UK jazz is being heralded for its progression, innovation and far-reaching appeal to people from varying backgrounds, ‘My East Is Your West’ is an essential record that explores cultural and musical diversity in way that will continue to be relevant for years to come.

The title ‘My East Is Your West’ is taken from artist Shilpa Gupta’s exhibition at the Venice Biennale, 2015 and is used with her permission. Featuring liner notes from jazz writer, radio presenter and editor of Straight No Chaser, Paul Bradshaw, Sarathy Korwar’s new album is available to pre-order now on 3xLP, CD and digital platforms from Gearbox Records.

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Hajk new album out 1 February 2019


Album release: 'Drama' by Hajk
Release date: 1 February 2019
Label: Jansen Records
More info: Band website

'Drama' – of the interpersonal kind – that’s what Hajk have turned their focus to in 2018. The band burst onto the scene with their self-titled debut album last year, garnering support around the world as well as making a name for themselves in their home country of Norway. Now, the highly anticipated follow-up 'Drama' has been announced for February 2019 – a record that both pulls at the heartstrings and urges you to dance away your sorrows. Lead single and first taste of what is to come arrives in the form of the bubblegum-flavoured new cut, 'Dancing Like This'. It's a lyrically melancholy and wide-eyed love song, with an addictive melody that looks to sugarcoat your tears.

Hajk’s 2017 debut received praise from the likes of Astrid S, Sigrid and Kimbra, as well as actress and model, Chloë Grace Moretz. International acclaim came in waves from Noisey, Stereogum, The Line of Best Fit, Drowned In Sound, V Magazine, The Independent, Indie Shuffle, and more, noting their idiosyncratic, yet supremely catchy pop tunes, while likening them to everything from Fleetwood Mac and Aztec Camera to Dirty Projectors and Little Dragon.

With their second album, 'Drama', a more self-assured band reveals themselves. Sharpened by more studio experience, they have once again produced the record themselves, taking extreme care over every second and minute detail of their work. Blending analogue and digital sounds, switching between programmed arrangements and live takes from the studio, drawing on three lead vocalists and an assortment of guest musicians, Hajk conjured up whatever was necessary to fulfill their creative vision.

The title 'Drama' relates to the drama of humanity and a somewhat naïve yearning for love in a world in which love can sometimes seem in scarce supply.

'Drama' is due for release on February 1st via Jansen Records. First single from it 'Dancing Like This', is out on September 28th, listen here.


"This new Oslo-based band will make you feel so very fine" - Noisey

"The soaring vocals of Feist with the erratic percussion of Dirty Projectors" - V Magazine

Ones To Watch at The Guardian

"Hajk has delivered one of the best debuts of the year" - The Line Of Best Fit

"Crisp, clear, and smooth... street-ready guitar-pop" - Stereogum

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Anne Marie Almedal new album out 26 October 2018


Album release: 'Lightshadow' by Anne Marie Almedal
Release date: 26 October 2018
More info: Artist website

Norwegian singer-songwriter Anne Marie Almedal has shared a new single from her forthcoming album 'Lightshadow', which is due out 26th October 2018. The single 'You Keep Me At Arm's Length' was premiered by For Folk's Sake, who said "The new record brings a fresh new sound for this beguiling musician, as she blends folk, electronics and some indie-pop beats in an addictive mix." You can see the premiere HERE. The single is also accompanied by a stunning new video by Pål M. Laukli.

Watch the video for 'You Keep Me At Arm’s Length' here.

Somewhat destined to be the first track of Anne Marie Almedal’s new album 'You Keep Me At Arm’s Length' arrives with just Anne Marie’s commanding vocals and Nicholas Sillitoe’s wistful folk guitar accompaniment, a brooding piano and synth bass slowly adding momentum. Melancholy as ever, bittersweet, focused and full of longing, the new single is a bold blend of folk, electronics, indie-dream-pop and nonchalant vocals. It’s a song about unrequited nearness, love forlorn, hopes and dreams flailing in the distant horizon. Something familiar, something new.

'You Keep Me At Arm’s Length' was recorded in Anne Marie’s hometown Kristiansand in a summer break with producer/co-writer Nicholas taking time off his busy soundtrack schedule together with new-found producer/multi-instrumentalist Alf Vaksdal. Drums were added by the young and talented Marius Trøan Hansen, and Nicholas returned home to London to polish the mix with producer Tim Bran (London Grammar/Halsey/Birdy). The result, a one-listen-and-you’re-hooked defining new direction and perfect introduction to the new album.

Previous praise for Anne Marie Almedal

"Sweetness multiplied, sadness tripled, her music brings you a closer step to fantastic as sharing the last cigarette with the one you love." - Esquire

"...a hint of Norwegian ice sends chills through all the rustles in the hedgerow." - Financial Times

"Breathtaking" - Daily Express

"Superbly chilled, the low-key approach seems to apply further intensity to the Norwegian singer's delivery, really focusing in on each word. A very lovely, pretty, sensual piece of music, it takes preconceptions around Anne Marie Almedal's music and shunts them into a different plane." - CLASH

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Butcher Brown new album out 2 October 2018


Album release: ‘Camden Session’ by Butcher Brown
Release date: 12 October 2018
Label: Gearbox Records
More info: Band website

Today, Virginia jazz/funk/hip-hop collective Butcher Brown have shared a new video from their recent Tiny Room session for ‘Camden Square’. The single is taken from the bands new album ‘Camden Session’, which was recorded direct-to-disc at Mark Ronson’s London studio and is due for release on 12th October via Gearbox Records. You watch the video here.

Alongside the new album the band have also been announced as a direct support for Kamasi Washington’s ‘Heaven and Earth’ US tour, which will take place over November 2018.

Butcher Brown’s releases to date range from the polished soul/funk of “All Purpose Music” (Ropeadope) (2014) to the 20-track underground groove-laden beats cassette “GrownFolk” in 2015. Both were released to critical acclaim and explains their almost cult status in the music world. The band have come in leaps and bounds in recent times: last year’s “Live at Vagabond” (Gearbox) record showcases the raw energy of their live shows, whilst the band’s most recent Bandcamp release, Afrobeat-themed “Afrokuti: A Tribute to Fela”, provides further testament to the band’s tight synchronicity as well as the truly unbelievable musical capabilities of each band member.

Whilst each individual member maintains their own illustrious side-projects (working with artists such as Christian Scott, Nigel Hall, Mumu Fresh, Black Thought, Phonte, Rapsody, 9th Wonder), Butcher Brown is a hard-working band in an era where most groups are fleeting assemblages, together only long enough to record. The band cultivate a dedicated audience through combining a conventional, label-oriented approach with releasing “underground” tapes, disciplined rehearsal and engaging, adventurous performance. Recent high-profile performances include touring with Galactic last year & performing alongside bands such as Lettuce, Eric Krasno, Soullive, John Schofield, Tauk, & Motet and more - Full bio below.

As a band dedicated to innovation and informed by a love of the past, Butcher Brown’s modernistic fusion is aptly described as “hip hop Mahavishnu.” Impressive as they are individually, together they are something increasingly rare: a real band, playing for their audience and for each other, on the verge of a brilliant future.

‘Camden Session’ is available to pre-order via Gearbox Records here.

Butcher Brown is an up-to-the minute throwback to the great progressive jazz bands of the 60s and 70s. Whilst all members were born after the mid-70s golden age of fusion, their modern, hip-hop-inflected funk has rich echoes of Weather Report, Return to Forever, early Earth Wind and Fire and, perhaps, a pungent whiff of Zappa. Like those bands, Butcher Brown’s unified sound comes from the intertwined talents of the five members, each bringing something unique to the mix.

Multi-instrumentalist Devonne Harris is arguably the visionary of this egalitarian band. His responsive keyboard work shapes the harmonic colors through which the music pulses and flows. Under the name DJ Harrison, he’s created a vast catalog of hip hop beat tapes. He recently released a solo album entitled “Hazy Moods” on Stones Throw Records, the Los Angeles label responsible for releases by Madlib, J Dilla, and many more. Jellowstone Records, his home studio, is a pivotal focus of the vital Richmond music scene, with a growing reputation drawing big name visitors including Nicholas Payton (who recorded his 2014 record “Numbers” there with Butcher Brown). Recently projects include playing keys and synths on Jack White’s latest album “Boarding House Reach,” having selections featured on Phonte’s solo album “No News is Good News,” and taking part in DJ Jazzy Jeff’s 2nd and 3rd annual Playlist Retreat

Bassist Andrew Randazzo is arguably the band’s navigator. “He’s the cool one, the calm one. He’s the mortar, binding together the rhythmic and harmonic side of the music. Both onstage and off, he holds everything together and makes everything go smoothly. And he is an amazing player.” In the band’s funk-inflected music, the foundation is foreground; the bass as much a lead as a rhythm instrument.

Drummer Corey Fonville is pure explosive energy. “He’s always ready for battle,” Harris says. “A huge, controlling factor in our sound.” A percussion prodigy turned international jazz sideman, Fonville’s national performance career when he was just 14, with a 2005 appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. In the years since, Fonville’s taken his propulsive energy around the world, playing with Christian Scott at New York’s The Blue Note and performing alongside Chris “Daddy” Dave in China. He’s the beating heart of Butcher Brown, pumping out fresh, danceable rhythmic complexities aimed at both the brain and the hips.

Guitarist Morgan Burrs is the youngest of the group. Coming from a family of musicians, and being surrounded by all types of music since birth, you could say he was destined to lead a life as a musician. In high school, he was awarded 2 full tuition scholarships to study at Berklee College of Music’s 5 Week Summer program 2 years in a row, & having attended VCU, he’s become a force on the Richmond Music scene. He’s recently performed at Budweiser’s Made In America Festival with hip-hop producer legend 9th Wonder and rapper Rapsody.

Marcus Tenney is a multi-instrumentalist from Richmond, Virginia. Working freelance since 2005, Marcus has been playing trumpet and saxophone with bands such as Foxygen, No BS! Brass and Butcher Brown. He has also done studio/session work for Spacebomb Records and records and performs original music with a host of his own ensembles. Marcus has worked with artists such as Braxton Cook, Count Bass D, Matthew E. White, Natalie Prass, Billy Williams and many others.

“As with Kamasi Washington, BADBADNOTGOOD or labelmates Binker & Moses, progressive rappers should be queuing out the door for their blessing.” - Mojo

“It’s fusion, Jim - but not as we know it!” - Record Collector

“Fusing funky backdrops against interweaving textures and daring harmonic dissonance, the Virginia group fuse the dancefloor with the art gallery.” - CLASH

“...although some of the studio albums are more funky and hip hop centred, this [‘Live at Vagabond’] may be a solid introduction to this possible future supergroup.” - UK Vibe

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Jeff Rosenstock UK and Ireland tour


Tour announcement: Jeff Rosenstock (W/ Chris Farren)
Tour dates: October 2018
More info: Band website

Having released his brand new album ‘Post’ on Quote Unquote Records/Specialist Subject Records earlier this year, which received rave reviews almost everywhere imaginable Stateside (NPR, Pitchfork, Uproxx, The Ringer, Stereogum, MTV, VICE, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Paste, BrooklynVegan, Billboard, AV Club, the list goes on...) Jeff Rosenstock is now taking his own unique brand of punk, indie-rock and power-pop on tour across the UK and Ireland. Chris Farren supports on all dates.

  • Stream / download ‘Post’ LP here.

  • Stream ‘Yr Throat’ here.

  • Watch ‘Melba’ here

  • "One of the most important figures in modern punk" – Pitchfork

Further info on Jeff:

It's New Year's Day. You're still coming out of the haze of 2017. Maybe your New Year's Eve got a little crazy, maybe it got a little dark. You're not sure if you're going to actually get out of bed before noon, but you roll over and check your phone, just in case anything terrible has happened while you were sleeping.

Wait. What? Call your best friend. There's a new Jeff Rosenstock record.

Jeff Rosenstock wrote POST- in a double-wide trailer in the Catskill Mountain town of East Durham, the snow-covered hills surrounding him like a landscape of blank pages. The serene, empty space was a big change of scenery for a guy who bounces around the world like a human comet, playing super-catchy, super-devastating shout-alongs to dedicated fans around the world.

After playing with Bomb the Music Industry! for a decade, Jeff switched gears and produced records for The Smith Street Band, Dan Andriano, Mikey Erg and more, and started putting out records under his own name. After the release of WORRY., things started to get way more intense for Jeff and his band. They made their first TV appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly, USA Today called WORRY the #1 album of 2016, and the band took to the road, touring endlessly for the past two years, taking breaks only to record new albums.

"2017 kinda felt like the year when we snuck in the back door," says Rosenstock, "We kept getting opportunities to do stuff - even though we take those opportunities to do stupid shit like say how much we made on stage." (This is the guy whose Pitchfork Music Festival performance last summer trended on Twitter after he took the stage and exclaimed, “Seventy-five hundred! Dollars! For us! To play! This festival!” Because, you know, he felt like he had to come clean about it.)

Written in the days after the 2017 Presidential inauguration, POST-'s lyrics get (really) heavy but the melodies are so catchy and the builds are so big and bright that the end result is more of a rallying cry than a surrender. The album was recorded in a one-week, 86-hour marathon recording session with Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Deafheaven) at the Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA. "The four of us stood in a room without headphones on and just played the songs live to tape, and after that we had some friends (Dan Potthast, Laura Stevenson, Chris Farren, PUP) fill out some of the sound," So, if the record feels even more unifying than usual, like a party that turns into a sleepover that turns into egg-n-cheese sandwiches on the beach that turns into a protest march that unites a gang of buddies for eternity, well, maybe that's why.

"Having channeled talent, depression and a pure love of music into something beautiful on debut album ‘Feel Something’, Movements became one of the standout new bands of 2018." - Rock Sound

"Stunning emo/post-hardcore quartet from Southern California" - Kerrang!

"Regardless of you experiences in life, with this record on you'd have to be made of stone to not 'Feel Something'" - Upset Magazine

Movements have announced that they will be returning to the UK in support of their debut album ‘Feel Something’ which was released to critical acclaim at the end of 2017 via Fearless. They and Tiny Moving Parts will support Knuckle Puck on the following rescheduled dates. Info here.

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The Rocket new album out 30 November 2018


Album release: ‘Another Reason Not To Fear The Sky’ by The Rocket
Release date: 30 November 2018
More info: Band Facebook

Belgian pop-punk outfit The Rocket have shared the first single from their forthcoming album ‘Another Reason Not To Fear The Sky’, which is due out 30th November. The single ‘Focus’ was premiered by New Noise Magazine, who described the band as having “a super keen ear for infectious melodies”, calling the track “punchy and impactful." See the premiere here. Share the video via YouTube here.

Speaking about the single, the band said “It’s a very personal song, about dealing with loss. Or rather: about not dealing with it for way too long. The track has an up-tempo kind of energy to it; we really let our inner Four Year Strong demons out in the intro, ha. In our minds, the song serves as a mission statement for the rest of the album: time to get back from hibernation and literally regain focus.”

Having taken a break from writing together, the Rocket's new album ‘Another Reason Not To Fear The Sky’ sees the band return in full effect. Produced by Marc McClusky (Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, Bad Religion) and mastered by Chris Athens (Beastie Boys, AC/DC, N.E.R.D), the record is proof of the reinvigorated energy that has seen the quintet earn an illustrious live reputation playing stages at the likes of Groezrock and alongside many other major European festivals.

The album also features guest appearances from Justin Pierre (lead vocals/guitar) & Joshua Cain (lead guitar) of Motion City Soundtrack, merging the band's first-era pop-punk influences (think-Millencollin, NFG, Blink 182) with some of their more synth driven melodic sensibilities.

With years of gigging experience their shows are full of anthemic choruses, hook-driven emotive vocals, melodious synth lines and rapturous drumming, The Rocket are ready to blow all expectations away with a record that pushes genre forward with new layers of intricacy and depth, whilst packing in the vigour and irrepressible choruses fans of the genre have come to know and love.

'Another Reason Not To Fear The Sky' is due out on 30th November and will be see the band continue to a number of shows across Europe throughout the rest of 2018.

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Minus the Bear new single out now


Single release: 'Viaduct' by Minus the Bear
Release date: Out now
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
More info: Band website

Minus the Bear are thrilled to share their new single, 'Viaduct', the latest offering from their forthcoming EP, Fair Enough, which is due out October 19th on Suicide Squeeze Records. The song premieres today on Revolver, who who hail it as “a warm and catchy track propelled by jaw-dropping, shimmering guitar lines,” another banger delivered by the “guitar-virtuoso post-punk favourites” ahead of their final EP. The band is also excited to announce a charity auction they’re partnering on with MusiCares, a nonprofit that provides support and community services to musicians in need of medical, personal and financial assistance. Today, Minus the Bear launch an auction for the first in a series of four original paintings by artist and Minus the Bear bassist Cory Murchy, created for the cover of Fair Enough. Cory has the following to share on his thoughts behind the painting and EP cover art:

“It was important for me to create a cover relevant to the band and our history, as well as something strong enough to stand on its own artistic merit. The picture we used for our first EP was a blurry photo of the band walking through the forest. We were grainy and not so well defined, monochromatic, youthful. This painting is a response to those same young men and the 17 year-long journey they took together. The human figures, now much more defined, have been replaced by shapes that are now finding their own colors to live in. Much less unified but still working within each other’s orbit. The wonder of the woods has been replaced with a milled piece of working lumber. It’s a representation of who we’ve become as individuals and I think it reflects the music in a lot of the same ways. Distilled by time and purpose.”

MusiCares holds a special place in Cory's heart, as he personally benefited from their aid while struggling with a chronic back injury. You can learn more about MusiCares here. For more about Cory Murchy and his paintings, see here.

This past July, the band announced their breakup in tandem with a final farewell tour, which kicks off in Nashville on October 9th and culminates with three sold out shows in their hometown of Seattle on December 14th, 15th and 16th. Since their first shows in 2001, the Seattle group have been thrilling crowds with their virtuosic songwriting and play from Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo, to Jimmy Kimmel Live and Bonnaroo. Their melding of genres and innovative use of pedals, loops, and electronic elements in their music has been a defining contribution to indie rock in the mp3 and streaming era, and an influence on the band’s peers and those that followed in their wake.

You can check out the remaining VIP presale packages for this fall’s farewell tour here, as well as pre-order the Fair Enough EP. All upcoming tour dates are listed below.

Stream ‘Fair Enough’ via Stereogum or SoundCloud

Pre-Order the ‘Fair Enough EP’ here

Minus the Bear is a product of the first two tumultuous decades of this century. From their first show in 2001 to their impending dissolution at the end of 2018, the Seattle band thrived on the musical awakening in the era of the mp3, the internet, poptimism, and the endless cross-pollinations generated from an expanded consciousness of new forms of music. With the aim of sounding like “classic rock from the future,” they initially forged their music from the dichotomous blend of David Knudson’s prodigious finger-tapped guitar lines and Jake Snider’s cool-tempered narratives set against a backdrop of souped-up dance beats. Throughout their career, spanning six full-length albums and a raft of EPs, singles and split 7”s, they’ve carried on the trailblazing traditions of ‘70s prog rockers and guitar-centric indie rock pioneers of the ‘80s and ‘90s, but they’ve also always been a band of new sounds. Synths, drum machine break beats, omnichords, and pedalboard gadgetry all contribute to the band’s electronic flourishes. You can hear the poptimist appreciation for a club banger, a new wave hook, or a solid hip-hop beat in any number of their songs. And with their final EP, ‘Fair Enough’, Minus the Bear closes the book on their inimitable hybrid of scholarly art-rock, breezy indie pop, and warehouse party appeal.

One of the first tracks written for their last album VOIDS was ‘Fair Enough’, a reserved track that went through a variety of permutations before winding up on the backburner. Like most Minus the Bear songs, it began as a loose framework of interlocking guitar parts created by Knudson that quickly changed shape as the other members contributed their parts. “It’s interesting because we tried re-doing it twice in the studio,” says keyboardist/vocalist Alex Rose. “I was really into the first new direction as it was very pop, but collectively it didn't seem to fit. Then we tried a more ambient one… it just ended up being one of those songs that didn't beat the others.” But as the band was digging through their archives earlier this year, they stumbled upon an early version of the song. “It jumped out as sounding done,” Rose recalls. “I touched up the mix, fixed a few edits and sent it to everyone while we were on the recent Planet of Ice anniversary tour. The other guys all listened together and by all accounts had ‘a moment.’ I think the song had taken on new meaning after we decided to end the band.” Given Snider’s prescient lyrical lament of lost passions and finding “the exact moment we turned it off,” it’s hardly surprising to hear that the song resonates strongly within the group. Snider insists it was written to eulogize a failed romantic relationship, but it’s hard to not hear the lyrics as foreshadowing the band’s break-up.

The other three songs of Fair Enough are both a continuation and a culmination of Minus the Bear’s diverse sounds. The adrenalized up-tempo drumbeats, lush electronics, and nimble guitar work that initially set them apart from their peers back in 2001 are on full display during “Viaduct”. It certainly sounds like the same band that wrote “Monkey!!!Knife!!!Fight!!!”, but with a whole new arsenal of tricks, techniques, and toys to embellish the sound. “Dinosaur” has the punctuated groove of early hits of “Fine + 2 PTS ”, but crafted with the understated Steely Dan-esque delivery of their more current slow jams. In keeping with their “classic rock from the future” approach, the opening keyboard line of “Dinosaur” is a ham-fisted hook originally conceived on a cheap iPhone piano app. The EP closes with a nod to their ongoing remix collaborations, this time with a vibrant rave-up reinvention of “Invisible” by Sombear.

The EP album art comes courtesy of bassist Cory Murchy. “The picture on our first EP—This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic—was a blurry photo of the band walking through the forest,” Murchy explains. “The cover to Fair Enough is a nod to that almost 20 years on. The figures are much more defined, coming into their own colors, a little less unified but still working within each other’s orbit. The wonder of the woods has been replaced with a milled piece of working lumber as the canvas. I think it reflects the music in a lot of the same ways—distilled by time and purpose.”

Minus the Bear are a band born in the new millennium, when the gateways to cult artists were blown open by the internet, rock’s purist aesthetic rules were challenged, and technological advancements completely altered the way we create and consume music. If there was some middle ground to be found between King Crimson’s fretboard gymnastics, Midwest indie rock’s cerebral songcraft, Warp Records’ glitchy compositions, and FM radio’s current bump-and-grind staples, Minus the Bear staked it out first. Suicide Squeeze is proud to release Fair Enough on October 19, 2018. Fair Enough will be available on CD, digital formats, and as a 12” cut at 45rpm. The initial vinyl run consists of 2000 copies on coke bottle green and 1000 copies on black.

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Semisonic 20th anniversary album out 19 October 2018


Album release: ‘Feeling Strangely Fine’
Release date: 19 October 2018
Label: UMe
More info: Band website

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal album Feeling Strangely Fine, Semisonic will release a deluxe edition reissue of the record on October 19th via UMe. The album will be released on deluxe edition CD and digital, as well as a limited edition gold vinyl pressing, which marks the first time ever a Semisonic album has been pressed to vinyl LP.

In addition to hits like ‘Closing Time’, ‘Secret Smile’ and ‘Singing In My Sleep’, the deluxe edition features four B-sides taken from international CD singles that were released at the time of the album.

To mark the announcement of the release Semisonic shared a previously-unreleased demo of ‘Closing Time’ giving fans a glimpse into the evolution of the song. The Grammy-nominated, final version of ‘Closing Time’ appears on the upcoming release out October 19.

Stream ‘Closing Time’ (Demo) here.

Stream ‘Closing Time’ here

The album is currently available for pre-order via PledgeMusic and includes unique premiums including lessons with bassist John Munson and drummer Jake Slichter, as well as the original ‘Closing Time’ 2" safety master tape reel.

When I started writing songs for the album that would become Feeling Strangely Fine, John Munson and Jake Slichter and I were living in South Minneapolis. I had decided a while back that my best songs were about me and the people I loved or admired and our adventures and troubles, and the new songs really reflected that ideal. I was writing about our lives," reflects Dan Wilson. "I remember telling Jake I wanted to make a record that had the folk music simplicity of Simon & Garfunkel but also the loudness of U2 and Nirvana. I wasn't thinking that these songs would become the soundtrack for so many people's lives. We definitely weren’t thinking that these songs would still be played on the radio 20 years later."

Last year, Wilson released Re-Covered, a unique album that finds the Grammy-winning songwriter reinterpreting songs from his storied career that he wrote for and with other artists.

About Dan Wilson:

Dan Wilson is a Grammy-winning songwriter, artist, and producer. His long songwriting resume includes three modern classics: “Closing Time”, which he wrote for his band, Semisonic, “Not Ready to Make Nice” (co-written with Dixie Chicks) and “Someone Like You” (co-written with Adele). Prior to his time with Semisonic, he was a member of the band Trip Shakespeare. Since Semisonic, Dan has released four solo albums and has become a highly sought-after songwriting collaborator. He has written with and produced a diverse group of artists including Adele, Dixie Chicks, Chris Stapleton, Phantogram, Bishop Briggs, The Head & The Heart, Dierks Bentley, My Morning Jacket, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and many others. Recently, he co-wrote Halsey’s top 40 hit “Alone,” the Vance Joy single "We're Going Home," Leon Bridges' "Shy," and Noah Cyrus' "Almost Famous," which he also produced. Wilson’s 2017 album, ‘Re-Covered’ is a collection of his reinterpretations of songs he wrote for and with other artists. Dan has also created a series of songwriting and collaboration advice on Instagram titled Words & Music in Six Seconds.

About Jacob Slichter (drummer for Semisonic):

In addition to drumming for Semisonic, Jacob Slichter is the author of So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star (Broadway Books, 2004). He has written for the New York Times, has been a commentator for NPR’s Morning Edition, and currently teaches creative nonfiction at Sarah Lawrence University. He also blogs about connections between music, writing, and other art forms at

About John Munson (bassist for Semisonic):

Since Semisonic, John Munson has continued to be a leader in the thriving Minneapolis music scene. He currently plays with The New Standards (alongside Chan Poling of The Suburbs); the group recently played sold out shows at The State Theater and Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. He also plays with The Twilight Hours alongside Matt Wilson (of Trip Shakespeare and Dan's brother) who are working on their new record. Munson held the title of Music Director for the nationally broadcast American Public Media program Wits! during its six years on air. He recently produced critically acclaimed records for Minneapolitan artists Dylan Hicks and Lucy Michelle.

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The Moody Blues 50th Anniversary album out 2 November 2018


Album release: 'In Search of the Lost Chord' by The Moody Blues
Release date: 2 November 2018
Label: UMC
More info: Band website

This November sees the release of the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of The Moody Blues’ classic third album, In Search of the Lost Chord.

The deluxe format will be a 3CD/2DVD box set, featuring original and new stereo remixes of the album with bonus and unreleased tracks, including a never-before-heard mono version of Legend of a Mind. There are BBC Radio One John Peel ‘Top Gear’ and ‘Afternoon Pop Show’ sessions as well as mono mixes of the related Deram single A and B sides.

DVD1 (Audio) contains In Search of the Lost Chord 96kHz/24-bit 5.1 Surround, new stereo mix and original stereo mix.

DVD2 (Visual) comprises BBC TV ‘Colour Me Pop: In Search of the Lost Chord’ (14th September 1968); ‘Ce Soir On Danse: The Moody Blues’ – ORTF French TV (13th July 1968, previously unreleased) and ‘Carte d’Or’ – ORTF French TV (29th October 1968, previously unreleased).

Also includes a 76-page book with extensive sleevenotes by compiler Mark Powell plus a host of rare photos and memorabilia images.

The album is also being released on:

Standard Vinyl – a 180-gram facsimile of the original LP with the original packaging.

D2C Limited Edition Vinyl – psychedelic coloured vinyl with original packaging. This format will be exclusively available from the uDiscover store.

1CD – contains the new stereo mix plus bonus tracks.

Pre-order here

Released in July 1968, In Search of the Lost Chord is regarded by many to be the group’s masterpiece. A concept album, concerning itself with the spiritual and philosophical concerns of the psychedelic era, the group eschewed the use of an orchestra, opting instead for the Mellotron (played by keyboardist Mike Pinder) and other exotic instrumentation, with which they experimented and played themselves, including flute, sitar, tabla and cello.

The Moody Blues have been at the forefront of the UK’s classic rock music scene for over forty years and have continued to be a mainstay of concert stages, recording studios and the airwaves to the present day. During their immensely successful career, they have sold, according to the band’s files, in excess of 70 million albums worldwide and have been the recipients of numerous prestigious awards.

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Charly Bliss new single out now


Single release: ‘Heaven’ by Charly Bliss
Release date: Out now
Label: Barsuk Records
More info: Band website

First new material since last year's ‘Guppy’

Today, NYC's Charly Bliss have released a song titled ‘Heaven’, a staple of their live show. '

Of the song, Eva Hendricks says: "'Heaven' is one of the first songs I wrote after Guppy, and to me it sounds like the ending of one phase of our sound before we knew what was going to come next. We played it live every night of our album release tour and it was really incredible to see the way people reacted to and connected with the song. It's our first love song, and I basically had to force myself to write the lyrics as a songwriting challenge to myself. I think I was always worried that songwriting was something that only existed to me as a coping mechanism, and that once I was happy I wouldn't have anything interesting to say or write about. I'm proud of the sweetness and simplicity of this song, and we're super happy to release it finally!"

Listen to ‘Heaven’ here.

Charly Bliss will be touring the US with Death Cab For Cutie later this month and throughout October.

"Feels familiar even on first listen; you might find yourself singing along by the second chorus, as if this band's been soundtracking your adolescence all along." - NPR

"One of those bands where you either like them or you're wrong" - Upset

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The Last Dinosaur new single out now


Single release: ‘Me & Magdalena’ by The Last Dinosaur
Release date: Out now
Label: Phases
More info: Band website

A year on from critically acclaimed second album ‘The Nothing’ (★★★★ - The Independent, ★★★★ - Uncut, ★★★★ - Mojo) The Last Dinosaur return with a re-imagining of the Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab For Cutie) penned ‘Me & Magdalena’, written for and recorded by The Monkees for their final album ‘Good Times’. It is also their first single for new label, Phases. Listen here

Featuring backing vocals from Nettwerk artists Austin Basham and Jack In Water and beautiful lap steel from Nashville resident Hip Hatchet this ode to a love beyond measure is the perfect song to soundtrack the transition between Summer and early Autumn as the warm comforting glow of the evening shifts from the setting of the summer sun to the heat of the camp fire.

The band play the Sebright Arms on 26th September supporting Horse Feathers and a headline set on the 2nd of Oct at The Finsbury.

Poignant, dreamlike, beautiful: The Last Dinosaur’s ‘The Nothing’ is a record to swim in. The brainchild of Londoner Jamie Cameron, it’s an album that addresses a tragic event from his teenage years, and transmutes that experience into a cathartic work of art.

At 16, Jamie had met kindred spirit James Macdonald at music college and recorded the 2004 album ‘Good Morning Sunshine… and Goodnight’ with him under the name When I Was a Little Girl, a well-received debut through the independent label Where It’s At Is Where You Are. But a year later, Jamie was in a car crash that tragically claimed the life of his best friend. Out for the day with one of Jamie’s sisters and another friend, the car aquaplaned and hit another car at a junction. James’ injuries were the worst among the passengers, and when he passed away, Jamie was in a state of shock.

“I’d had a pretty idyllic life until then, nothing particularly bad had happened,” Jamie says. “That was a difficult experience to comprehend. Despite how harrowing it was, I thought came out of it relatively mentally unscathed, although in hindsight that’s a trick you tell yourself.”

Instead, he began recording with another music college friend, Luke Hayden, as The Last Dinosaur. Jamie’s parents split up, he broke up with his girlfriend, and The Last Dinosaur’s debut album ‘Hooray! For Happiness’, covered glowingly by the likes of Uncut, The Line Of Best Fit and more, attempted to come to terms with these experiences, while avoiding the real elephant in the room. “I was doing everything to avoid confronting this really big thing that happened at an age when you don’t generally experience death and loss,” Jamie says.

Afterwards, depression took hold of him, but over the course of years, he began writing, recording and amassing songs that addressed his grief and own fear of dying. The powerful The Nothing began to take shape.

“It wasn’t an intention of mine to write an album about dying or anything like that, but I realised after I’d written a few songs that they all were about it in some way. It got to a point where I couldn’t really avoid it. I’d done the divorce album and it was all I was left with, trying to make sense of this thing that happened. Halfway through I realised it was profoundly cathartic, it made me felt less scared of dying.”

‘The Nothing’ is uplifting, life-affirming. Its lyrics may tackle the subject of mortality, but the gorgeous, overlapping, interlacing melodies are like drifting in a blissful reverie. ‘We’ll Greet Death’, with its strings, piano, saxophone and acoustic guitar is defiant, possessed of an emotional complexity. On ‘Grow’, Jamie’s lovely acoustic plucking forms the basis for a song about the fragility of life, while ‘The Sea’ is a meditative post-rock movement that begins in a hushed place and concludes over five minutes later in a gorgeous string-laden denouement. Although Jamie professes to a childhood love for R.E.M, Tortoise and most of all, Talk Talk, the music here is very much his own, self-penned and performed with close friend Rachel Lanskey providing viola on most of the songs. “I’ve had a very strong sense of never wanting to copy anyone else’s music, I just want to sound like me,” Jamie says.

Created between 2009 and 2016, ‘The Nothing’ is a stunning, affecting album that is also a touching tribute to Jamie’s late friend. “Someone called it elegiac,” Jamie says. “I quite liked that notion.”

More information

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The Hold Steady new single out 7 September 2018

the hold steady.jpg

Single release: 'Confusion in the Marketplace' b/w 'T-Shirt Tux' by The Hold Steady
Release date: 7 September 2018
Label: Frenchkiss Records
More info: Band website

The Hold Steady has released a brand new single. 'Confusion in the Marketplace' b/w 'T-Shirt Tux' arrives at all DSPs and streaming services via Frenchkiss Records today, September 7.

'Confusion in the Marketplace' b/w 'T-Shirt Tux' can be heard now exclusively at The Hold Steady’s Bandcamp page. Fans can download the single now by donating to The K + L Guardian Foundation, a fund set up to benefit the children of Unified Scene founder 'jersey' Mike Van Jura, who died in November 2012.

Recorded at Isokon Studios in Woodstock, NY with producer Josh Kaufman and engineer D. James Goodwin, 'Confusion in the Marketplace' b/w 'T-Shirt Tux' continues a string of recent THS single releases that includes 'The Stove & The Toaster' b/w 'Star 18', 'Eureka' b/w 'Esther', and last year’s 'Entitlement Crew' b/w 'A Snake In The Shower'” All eight of these new songs mark the return of keyboard player Franz Nicolay.

Additional performers on the new songs include Stuart Bogie and Dave Nelson on horns and Annie Nero on backup vocals. All three singles are available now at all DSPs and streaming services as well as the official Hold Steady Bandcamp.

'Confusion in the Marketplace' b/w 'T-Shirt Tux' arrives just as The Hold Steady gets set to continue its 'Constructive Summer' series of North American live dates with an eagerly anticipated sold out four-night-stand at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern. The dates begin with a special 10th anniversary performance of STAY POSITIVE in its entirety on Wednesday, September 12 and then continue through September 15. On September 21 and 22, The Hold Steady will be in Chicago as part of Goose Island’s 312 Block Party. 

“We are counting the days before we hit Toronto for our four-night stand at The Horseshoe Tavern,” says The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. “Toronto is one of our absolute favorite cities to play, and the (legendary) Horseshoe Tavern has hosted some classic THS shows. These will be no exception, to be sure. Night One, we will be paying tribute to the 10th anniversary of STAY POSITIVE by playing the album in full, as well as a bunch of jams from all the other albums. So come raise a toast to 10 years of STAY POSITIVE with us and hear a few that we don’t pull out very often."

“It won’t all be looking backwards though, as we are pleased to announce some new songs: ‘Confusion in the Marketplace’ and ‘T-Shirt Tux.’ We had a blast making these and hope you enjoy hearing them. We hope to play them for you in Toronto for their live debut. Can’t wait to see you all there and celebrate the last four shows of ‘Constructive Summer’ before we move onto what’s looking like an already pretty constructive autumn…”

The Hold Steady is returning to the Brooklyn Bowl for the third annual 'Massive Nights' celebration, November 28 through December 1.  Limited tickets remain for 'Massive Nights III' and are available here.

The Hold Steady is: Bobby Drake (drums), Craig Finn (vocals), Tad Kubler (guitar, vocals), Franz Nicolay (keyboards), Galen Polivka (bass), and Steve Selvidge (guitar, vocals).

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Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam new album out 9 November 2018

sunshine frisbee.jpg

Album release: 'Blackout Cowboy' by Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam
Release date: 9 November 2018
Label: By The Time It Gets Dark
More info: Band website

  • Listen to the single 'All The Way Over The Edge' at Stereogum
  • Album available to pre-order as DL / CD / LP here
  • UK tour dates through November

Prolific Birmingham quintet Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam are today premiering their brand new single 'All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don't Talk About Anything)' at Stereogum. On a track that makes an immediate impact from the opening riff, its febrile energy, subject matter and crushing, jerking rhythms are characteristic of an album that makes you feel something at every turn. This first track is about the importance of being able to feel like you can talk about your mental health. Lead singer and guitarist Pete Dixon says; "I think the male condition stops us from sharing emotions we tend to either make light of things or brush it off completely and typically men don't talk about our feelings until it's too late."

About the track, Stereogum says; “All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don’t Talk About Anything) is psyched-out spin on the neurotic power pop of early Weezer and the sprawling guitar rock of Titus Andronicus... When you’re listening to this, everything feels massive and urgent but it never takes itself too seriously, thanks to some darkly funny lyrics." 

What of the bands that can’t stop writing? How do you keep up? Like Bob Pollard and R. Stevie Moore before them, it’s something that must just be there, in the blood. Over the last few years, Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam have been putting out quality material at an alarming rate – 100+ songs, and if it wasn’t for the day jobs, there’d have been far more – whilst never quite fitting in to any one pigeonhole long enough to be branded with a genre. So, where to start? Here. 'Blackout Cowboy' is that record. It could as easily be their debut. A fresh slate from which to start from. A band with 100 songs distilling everything that makes them great down to just 8 new songs. Like a record from the 70’s, succinct and compact, total confidence in the material.

Early lo-fi offerings in the form of two EPs, a self-titled album, and a Halloween single secured the then three-piece a regular spot on the Birmingham music scene, as well as frequent invites to towns and cities up and down the country. A couple of increases in headcount (most recently Junior Laidley on keyboards and percussion) and the purple patch writing sessions around 'Blackout Cowboy' have allowed the band to move away from the lo-fi aesthetic they once adhered to, and are now able to work the same unique approach to songwriting into an ever expanding range of hooks, riffs and drones that fill any room they play.

Dark lyrical matter permeates throughout the record, as does black humour and the band’s gift for melody. From the power-pop rush of opener 'Running From A Ghost', through to the Malkmus-esque closer of 'Mind Control', there’s both variety and an almost endless slew of good ideas throughout. From the thick guitar tone that brings 'All The Way Over The Edge' to life, to the melodic invention across 'Blackout Cowboy' and 'Meatloaf To The Camera', there’s no let up across the record. And on 'Mrs JR Hartley' the band even channel the neurotic energy of those early Weezer songs, in contrast to that most English of references in the song title.

Some bands hit their stride a few records in, and some bands hit it out of the park entirely: this is Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam making a strong claim for the latter.

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IDLES new single out now


Single release: 'Great' by IDLES
Release date: Out now
More info: Band website

Following the single's debut with Steve Lamacq on 6 Music (listen to recent session here) and ahead of a live performance for Annie Mac on Radio 1, IDLES have shared another new song off their much-anticipated new LP ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance,’ out 31st August via Partisan.

'Great' is a pro-immigration black comedy (“Islam didn’t eat your hamster/change isn’t a crime”) as well as a scathing confrontation of the Brexit/Trump era. The song is accompanied by a music video (directed by Theo Watkins), which you can watch here.

Singer Joe Talbot says of the track: “Let us go forward with open minds and open hearts into that fuck off fire we've started. No blame, no hate. Just love and a blue passport.”

‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’ bluntly addresses everything from toxic masculinity, immigration, racism, nationalism + more. The band are able to channel those weighty subjects though pure positivity and even biting humor. 

Earlier this month IDLES also announced an art exhibition to celebrate the release of their album. Open for two days on 30 and 31 August, between 12pm and 8pm, and curated by the band, the exhibition will take place at: HM Electrics Gallery, 65 Nile Street, London N1 7RD

The gallery will contain 18 pieces of work across several mediums. All proceeds going to the Samaritans charity. Watch the exhibition trailer here.

Watch IDLES on News At Ten

The band have also announced a run of live in-store dates around the album:

30 Aug UK London, Banquet Records, 9pm
31 Aug UK Bristol, Rough Trade, 3pm
31 Aug UK Bristol, Rough Trade, 7pm
03 Sep UK Portsmouth, Pie and Vinyl, 1pm
03 Sep UK Brighton, Resident, 6.30pm
04 Sep UK London, Rough Trade East, 7pm
05 Sep UK Sheffield, Record Junkee, 1pm
05 Sep UK Nottingham, Rough Trade, 7.30pm
06 Sep UK Leeds, Crash Records, 1pm
06 Sep UK Manchester, FOPP, 5.30pm
07 Sep UK Cardiff, Spiller Records, 7pm

'Great' is the fourth song to be released from IDLES's much-anticipated upcoming album 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance'. Produced by Space and mixed by Adam Greenspan & Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kate Bush), The album takes aim at everything from nationalism and immigration to class inequality - all while maintaining a visceral, infectious positivity. Singer Joe Talbot summarises: “This album is an attempt to be vulnerable to our audience and to encourage vulnerability; a brave naked smile in this shitty new world. We have stripped back the songs and lyrics to our bare flesh to allow each other to breathe, to celebrate our differences, and act as an ode to communities and the individuals that forge them. Because without our community, we’d be nothing.”

Read Joe’s full statement on the album’s inspiration and origins here

Watch the video for album opener 'Colossus' 

This autumn, IDLES will embark on their first ever global tour, including their biggest London headliner yet at O2 Forum Kentish Town on 18th October. Their last London headliner, at Heaven, sold out nearly six months in front. Tickets are on sale now here

Watch the video for anthemic single 'Danny Nedelko'

"IDLES might just be the best live guitar band in Europe." - The Quietus

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