The Get Up Kids at NME


The Get Up Kids new EP review at NME

The Get Up Kids have announced new material – their first for seven years – in the form of a new EP and cracking new single ‘Maybe’.

Tancred new album news at DIY


Tancred new album news at DIY

Her new collection ‘Nightstand’ is out on 1st June through Hand In Hive/ Polyvinyl and comes after Jess Abbott experienced a blossoming into a more confident person, but one that came with an unexpected side-effect.

Soho Rezanejad feature at FACT

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad artist feature at FACT

The glossy, sci-fi-esque album art features a female figure who looks like she’s just stepped out of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, mirroring the album’s retro-futuristic production and distorted robotic vocals.

You Are Wolf album review at The Quietus


You Are Wolf album review at The Quietus

Clear and bright, Kerry Andrew’s captivating voice is at the forefront of You Are Wolf’s new album, Keld, airy and eerie set of watery folk songs.
— The Quietus

Astrid Sonne feature on DJ


Astrid Sonne 'Fresh Kicks' feature on DJ

Danish experimental electronic composer Astrid Sonne delivers an eclectic, energised mix of breaks, beats and soundscapes...
— DJ

Gomez previously unreleased track on NME


Gomez have unveiled the previously unreleased track ‘Collapse’ on NME

To celebrate the upcoming reissue and tour for the 20th anniversary of their seminal album ‘Bring It On‘, Gomez have unveiled the previously unreleased track ‘Collapse’.

Run Logan Run video premiere on Clash


Run Logan Run 'Death Is Elsewhere' - video premiere on Clash

Just two people, their frenetic approach to improvisation could loosely be termed jazz, but it also borrows from dirty electronics and heavier aspects of rock music.
— Clash

Spielbergs track feature at Stereogum


Spielbergs track feature at Stereogum

Oslo power trio Spielbergs play big, heart-on-sleeve guitar-rock with a go-for-broke anthemic intensity. They’re getting ready to unleash their debut EP Distant Star onto the world in April, and its first track is the grandly emotive “We Are All Going To Die,” which will have you either tearing up, punching the sky, or both.
— Stereogum

Gomez debut album reissue at NME


Gomez reissue debut album to mark 20th anniversary - news at NME

The four CD collection will be released on April 18, and features a remastered version of the record, along with 35 previously unreleased tracks including rare demos, BBC sessions and a recording of their Glastonbury set in 1998.

Ondt Blod album stream at Metal Hammer


Ondt Blod track by track new album stream at Metal Hammer

Throughout Natur’s ten tracks, Ondt Blod tackle topics of friendship, growing up, change and the treatment of the Sami people in Norway.
— Metal Hammer

Mildlife album review at The Observer


Mildlife album 'Phase' reviewed at The Observer.

Here were four musicians on guitar, bass, drums and analogue synths pretending it was 1974 and that brown was the most kaleidoscopic colour.
— The Observer

The Amazing - new single on The 405


The Amazing - new single 'Pull' on The 405

Setting out on languorous guitars, stretching towards the skyline like trails of light in the sky, The Amazing take the song on a journey through bleak yet beautiful landscapes.
— The 405

Hajk new single premiere at DIY


Hajk new single ‘Untouch’ premiere at DIY

Still imbued with a sense of catchy melancholy, it’s a track that combines languid yet powerful harmonies and piano melodies with a soaring hook and synth lines.

Astrid Sonne album review at Drowned In Sound


Astrid Sonne album 'Human Lines' review at Drowned In Sound

This is an excellent album, and should appeal to anyone interested in contemporary composition, avant-garde electronic music, or travelling between different worlds and zones.
— Drowned In Sound

Handmade Festival at DIY


Handmade Festival 2018 acts announced at DIY

Leicester weekender Handmade Festival has announced a second wave of acts for its 2018 event, including another returning set from Drenge...

Soho Rezanejad at The 405

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad interview at The 405

We talked to the Danish musician about the impetus and inspirations for her new album Six Archetypes
— The 405

Soho Rezanejad album review at The Quietus

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad album review at The Quietus

Rezanejad’s vocals – a heady mix of Nico’s monotone croon, the booming and unexpected inner strength of Zola Jesus and the idiosyncratic dexterity of Kate Bush – lends an resonance that is perfectly in sync with the electronic soundscapes and silences that form the bedrock of her music.
— The Quietus