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EuroNoize at FACT Mag


EuroNoize - event news at FACT Mag.

The EU-funded event is described as a celebration of “music that runs deeper than national borders” and was set up by promoters Galia and Pil Kollectiv to “represent the secret international fellowship of ‘punx and weirdos’ stretching everywhere from Russia to Ireland”.
— FACT Mag

Buke and Gase at The Line of Best Fit


Buke and Gase announce new album at The Line of Best Fit.

Last month Buke and Gase broke their five year silence by debuting two new tracks ‘No Land’ and ‘Pink Boots’. Today the experimental duo reveal their latest cut ‘Derby’, which arrives with news of their new album Scholars.
— The Line of Best Fit

Gunship at Den Of Geek


Gunship new video at Den Of Geek

Do you still believe? The Lost Boys (and Tim Cappello on sax!) are back in Gunship’s new animated music video for their single Dark All Day.
— Den Of Geek

Soho Rezanejad feature at FACT

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad artist feature at FACT

The glossy, sci-fi-esque album art features a female figure who looks like she’s just stepped out of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, mirroring the album’s retro-futuristic production and distorted robotic vocals.

Astrid Sonne feature on DJ


Astrid Sonne 'Fresh Kicks' feature on DJ

Danish experimental electronic composer Astrid Sonne delivers an eclectic, energised mix of breaks, beats and soundscapes...
— DJ

Mildlife album review at The Observer


Mildlife album 'Phase' reviewed at The Observer.

Here were four musicians on guitar, bass, drums and analogue synths pretending it was 1974 and that brown was the most kaleidoscopic colour.
— The Observer

Astrid Sonne album review at Drowned In Sound


Astrid Sonne album 'Human Lines' review at Drowned In Sound

This is an excellent album, and should appeal to anyone interested in contemporary composition, avant-garde electronic music, or travelling between different worlds and zones.
— Drowned In Sound

Soho Rezanejad at The 405

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad interview at The 405

We talked to the Danish musician about the impetus and inspirations for her new album Six Archetypes
— The 405

Dark Dark Horse at Magnetic Magazine


Dark Dark Horse new single premiere at Magnetic Magazine

And Then We Had Nothing At All’ is perhaps the most epic and ambitious song we’ve recorded so far. At over seven minutes long it defies the typical conventions of a single but it’s power...
— Magnetic Magazine

Afrikan Boy video premiere at The Fader


Afrikan Boy 'Wot It Do?' video premiere at The Fader

Afrikan Boy channels the energy and bounce of the song as he dances on rooftops around London, bringing in people of all ages to vibe with him and his music.
— The Fader

Fassine's 'Gold' video premiere on Notion

Fassine's 'Gold' video premiere on Notion

The latest single from their upcoming second album Gourami,’Gold’ twists and turns as it unfolds, switching from haunting isolated vocals to dense layers of synthetic and live instrumentation.
— Notion

Holy Boy 'Deep Sky' video premiere on Pop Dust

Holy Boy 'Deep Sky' video premiere on Pop Dust.

The wavy alt-rock track is a lot more energetic than ‘Deep Sky,’ a doleful, organ-driven track that comes paired with visuals that match it’s dream-like energy.
— Pop Dust

Goodwood Atoms track premiere at Clash

Goodwood Atoms 'Into The Bay' track premiere at Clash

New cut ‘Into The Bay’ airs first on Clash, and it matches a sense of historic weight to a defiantly modern outlook.
— Clash