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Silverbacks at Clash

Credit Brid O’Donovan

Credit Brid O’Donovan

Silverbacks at Clash

Dublin’s Silverbacks Ride Toward The Horizon On ‘Pink Tide’
— Clash


LIFE Beach 1.jpg


Hull punks LIFE share new single ‘Hollow Thing’, detail upcoming album ‘A Picture Of Good Health’.

Silverbacks at Stereogum


Silverbacks premiere at Stereogum

There was good reason to look forward to more music from Silverbacks. And today, they’re finally back with another new track.
— Stereogum

Chloe Foy at Earmilk


Chloe Foy song premiere at Earmilk

Foy glistens with a dark, youthful honesty, full of relief.
— Earmilk

Theon Cross premiere at Downbeat


Theon Cross ‘Fyah’ premiere at Downbeat.

Even before releasing a full-length recording under his own name, Theon Cross had become a central figure of the contemporary UK jazz scene...
— Downbeat

Theon Cross at The Quietus


Theon Cross - 'Panda Village' song premiere and Q&A at The Quietus.

Sons of Kemet’s Theon Cross shares a new solo track, and tells us about drawing inspiration from Kung Fu Panda.
— The Quietus

Silverbacks at Stereogum


Silverbacks ‘Just In The Band’ song premiere at Stereogum.

It’s another promising installment in Silverbacks’ early output, a suggestion that their forthcoming album will be an overdriven display of gratifyingly dense guitars and vocal hooks alike.
— Stereogum

Moon Panda at Kaltblut


Moon Panda premiere new song ‘Gun’ at Kaltblut.

Following their critically acclaimed debut track ‘Rabbit’, Moon Panda continue their mantra to create “dreamy space pop for dreamy space people”.
— Kaltblut

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at Stereogum

sunshine frisbee.jpg

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam single premiere at Stereogum

When you’re listening to this, everything feels massive and urgent but it never takes itself too seriously, thanks to some darkly funny lyrics.
— Stereogum

Tomberlin song premiere at DIY


Tomberlin song premiere at DIY.

‘I’m Not Scared’ is taken from the Louisville, Kentucky singer-songwriter’s upcoming debut album ‘At Weddings’. A deeply emotive and touching track, Tomberlin’s haunting vocals explore finding strength after pain over a delicate instrumental.

Johnny Borrell track premiere at NME


Johnny Borrell new solo track ‘My World, Your Life’ premiere at NME

Taking in West African, South American, Celtic, Basque and British influences, the sound is what Borrell calls “Atlantic music, influenced by both Atlantic coasts”.

Hajk new single premiere at DIY


Hajk new single ‘Untouch’ premiere at DIY

Still imbued with a sense of catchy melancholy, it’s a track that combines languid yet powerful harmonies and piano melodies with a soaring hook and synth lines.

Dark Dark Horse at Magnetic Magazine


Dark Dark Horse new single premiere at Magnetic Magazine

And Then We Had Nothing At All’ is perhaps the most epic and ambitious song we’ve recorded so far. At over seven minutes long it defies the typical conventions of a single but it’s power...
— Magnetic Magazine

Band Of Gold track premiere on The 405


Band Of Gold ‘I Wanna Dance With You Again’- track premiere on The 405.

Rich bass and drums, silky guitar and dreamy synths courtesy of Hængsle help guide Mortvedt’s coy vocals, with a twang reminiscent of Natalie Prass, from each section.
— The 405

Pale Honey track premiere on DIY


Pale Honey 'Get These Things Out Of My Head' - track premiere on DIY

‘Get These Things Out Of My Head’, a blast of distorted guitars and creeping, almost doom-laden synths that tells a very personal story for singer and guitarist Tuva.