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Fur at Wonderland


Fur - feature at Wonderland.

You’ve probably heard enough declarations of love today, but here’s one with a slight twist. Brighton newcomers FUR have concocted a visual love letter to their beloved hometown.
— Wonderland

Vandana track premiere on Wonderland

Vandana - 'Vicious' track premiere on Wonderland

...her music is a fusion of disquieting electronica with alternative pop: it builds on ancient Indian traditions and fables, resulting in a cathartic, deeply haunting but truly absorbing listen.
— Wonderland

Loved Ones track premiere at Wonderland

Loved Ones - 'End of an Error' track premiere at Wonderland

he four piece band hailing from the North West of England have created an incredible low-fi indietronica track, with a slightly darker feel than their previous releases.
— Wonderland

Analog Candle single premiere on Wonderland

Analog Candle single premiere on Wonderland

Exhibiting Analog Candle’s unique avant-garde pop sound, the soaring vocals of Emma Tringali (of Pop & Obachan) are goose-bump inducing and the poignant lyrics will stay with you long after the track has finished.
— Wonderland

Blänk track premiere on Wonderland


We've secured a track premiere for Blänk's "Grip It" over at Wonderland.

A bold and self-assured track, you’ll find yourself pressing repeat until you can rap along perfectly.
— Wonderland