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Hajk at The 405


Hajk - favourite films feature at The 405.

From a Norwegian classic to the “brutal and humorous” Fargo, Hajk have some gems for you to check out this weekend.
— The 405

Charly Bliss at The 405


Charly Bliss new single review at The 405.

Charly Bliss fully embrace their pop proclivities on ‘Capacity’, the first single from their new album.
— The 405

Field Medic at The 405


Field Medic new album news at The 405.

Field Medic tackles crippling indecision on ‘henna tattoo’, the first single from his new album.
— The 405

Black Belt Eagle Scout at The 405


Black Belt Eagle Scout new track at The 405

Just Lie Down’ is certainly caring and healing in its wan and soft vocals - but the guitar line itself is menacing, characterising the underlying discontent.
— The 405

The Amazing - new single on The 405


The Amazing - new single 'Pull' on The 405

Setting out on languorous guitars, stretching towards the skyline like trails of light in the sky, The Amazing take the song on a journey through bleak yet beautiful landscapes.
— The 405

Soho Rezanejad at The 405

Soho Rezanejad.jpg

Soho Rezanejad interview at The 405

We talked to the Danish musician about the impetus and inspirations for her new album Six Archetypes
— The 405

Good Boy video premiere at The 405


Good Boy 'Fishing With A Shotgun' video premiere at The 405

Displeasure towards regressive/conservative leadership policies in 2017 doesn’t start and stop with Donald Trump.
— The 405

Band Of Gold track premiere on The 405


Band Of Gold ‘I Wanna Dance With You Again’- track premiere on The 405.

Rich bass and drums, silky guitar and dreamy synths courtesy of Hængsle help guide Mortvedt’s coy vocals, with a twang reminiscent of Natalie Prass, from each section.
— The 405

Georgia Ruth video premiere 'Cloudbroke' on The 405

Georgia Ruth unveils staggering visuals for 'Cloudbroke' - video premiere  on The 405

You can kind of pick that up just by pressing play and allowing her music to do that thing where it makes the hair on your arms stand up
— The 405