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Silverbacks at Clash

Credit Brid O’Donovan

Credit Brid O’Donovan

Silverbacks at Clash

Dublin’s Silverbacks Ride Toward The Horizon On ‘Pink Tide’
— Clash

Wet Dreams at Clash

By Nick Malte 2017.jpg

Wet Dreams at Clash

The band’s self-titled album is out now on Black Pop Records, a superb introduction to their caustic, electrifying sound.
— Clash

Hauschka at CLASH

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Hauschka video premiered at CLASH

Hauschka Performs ‘Talking To My Father’ In This Beautiful New Clip

Marvin Gaye at Clash


Marvin Gaye - unreleased album news at Clash.

The soul giant’s 80th birthday would have landed on April 2nd, and to celebrate something special has been unearthed from the vaults.
— Clash

Nick Waterhouse at CLASH

Nick Waterhouse by Zach Lewis.jpg

Nick Waterhouse ‘Foundations’ feature at CLASH.

Tapping into both the Ivy League tradition and the golden era of rhythm ‘n’ blues, his expertly stylish, deeply soulful approach has a path of its own.
— Clash

Swazi Gold at Clash

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 14.56.14.JPG

Swazi Gold 'Shapeshifting' - video premiere at Clash.

The cool visuals are the work of Ben Jones, with the video illustrator commenting: “Sometimes risks don’t pay off, but there’s always room to groove…”
— Clash

Dwight Trible at CLASH


Dwight Trible - news and track at CLASH.

A heavily improvisational take, the tumbling piano notes are complimented by the avant funk groove, one that connects with the spirit of the original.
— Clash

Theon Cross at Clash


Theon Cross shares new song 'Panda Village' at Clash.

A righteous return, it sluices together elements of club culture with hard-hitting jazz soloing, utilising the twin talents of percussionist Moses Boyd and saxophonist Nubya Garcia.
— Clash

The Joy Formidable at Clash


The Joy Formidable - influences feature at Clash

A stirring, inspired record, ‘AAARTH’ arrives shortly - Clash invited Ritzy to name a few key Influences that inspired them along the way...
— Clash

Ondt Blod at Clash


Ondt Blod on the rights of the Sami people at Clash

For centuries the nation states around Sápmi; Norway, Sweden, Russia, tried to dominate the Sami people; with bibles and swords, and through racist legislation and assimilation in the 19th and 20th century.
— Clash

Run Logan Run video premiere on Clash


Run Logan Run 'Death Is Elsewhere' - video premiere on Clash

Just two people, their frenetic approach to improvisation could loosely be termed jazz, but it also borrows from dirty electronics and heavier aspects of rock music.
— Clash

I’m With Her video premiere at Clash

I'm with her.jpg

I’m With Her – 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' - video premiere at Clash

...the song strips the contemporary thump of the original in favour of a simple bass accompaniment to melodious, countrified vocal harmonies, enhancing the song’s defiant and liberating message.
— Clash

Goodwood Atoms track premiere at Clash

Goodwood Atoms 'Into The Bay' track premiere at Clash

New cut ‘Into The Bay’ airs first on Clash, and it matches a sense of historic weight to a defiantly modern outlook.
— Clash

Andy Shauf video premiere on Clash

Andy Shauf video premiere of 'Quite Like You' on Clash

Andy Shauf is blessed with an ability to see the extraordinary in the everyday, to uncover beauty in the minutiae of life’s existence.
— Clash

Clash Magazine premiere for ticktock


We recently secured ticktock a song premiere in Clash for track 'A- A- A-.'

Seemingly kicked off as an experiment in 2-step, this slowed down, hallucinogenic piece of machine funk feels wonderfully at ease with its own idiosyncrasies.
— Robin Murray,