YOWL interview in ‘Class of 2019’ at DIY.

Spinning surreal, twisted tales with a sneakily melodic centre, YOWL are breaking out of their South London beginnings into a realm that’s entirely their own.

Theon Cross at The Quietus


Theon Cross - 'Panda Village' song premiere and Q&A at The Quietus.

Sons of Kemet’s Theon Cross shares a new solo track, and tells us about drawing inspiration from Kung Fu Panda.
— The Quietus

IDLES at Crack magazine


IDLES on the cover and special feature at Crack magazine.

Yet alongside the critical acclaim and sold-out shows, between the wild Jools Holland appearance and the Charlie Brooker endorsement, something else has been happening. IDLES have found themselves the unlikely centre of a movement.
— Crack magazine

JAWS at Paste


JAWS new single ‘Driving At Night’ at Paste.

‘Driving at Night’ is a soaring jangle-pop tune a la Beach Fossils or Wild Nothing, and its rumbling ardor perfectly mirrors the untouchable high of cruising at nightfall, anthems blaring on the car stereo and the wind gently kissing your skin.
— Paste



IDLES album tops ’s albums of 2018 at BBC News.

The group’s second album Joy as an Act of Resistance is “a really powerful record but it’s still quite sly,” said DJ Steve Lamacq.
— BBC News

Silverbacks at Stereogum


Silverbacks ‘Just In The Band’ song premiere at Stereogum.

It’s another promising installment in Silverbacks’ early output, a suggestion that their forthcoming album will be an overdriven display of gratifyingly dense guitars and vocal hooks alike.
— Stereogum

Moon Panda at Kaltblut


Moon Panda premiere new song ‘Gun’ at Kaltblut.

Following their critically acclaimed debut track ‘Rabbit’, Moon Panda continue their mantra to create “dreamy space pop for dreamy space people”.
— Kaltblut

Fontaines DC at DIY


Fontaines DC’s ‘Too Real’ - single review at DIY.

The foundation of Dublin punks Fontaines DC is based around their love of poetry. Inspired by Yeats, Joyce and their vibrant, ever-changing hometown, two worlds blend together gorgeously in their ramshackle guitar pop.

Imperial Daze at M Magazine


Imperial Daze interview at M Magazine.

Polyphonic analogue synths, cowboy guitars and proto-funk – it’s all fair game for Peckham pacemakers Imperial Daze.
— M Magazine

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at Drowned In Sound

sunshine frisbee.jpg

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam album review at Drowned In Sound.

The second half of the record is pure unadulterated joy, the accelerator pedal pushed down hard to the floor on ‘Mrs JR Hartley’ and ‘MK Ultra’. Punk rock in ethos and delivery, they capture the band’s live fury in all their glory.
— Drowned In Sound

Fontaines DC at NME


Fontaines DC interview and feature at NME.

Fontaines D.C. are the surrealist punks soundtracking an anxious generation.



YOWL share new track ‘John The Collector’ at DIY.

Ahead of their live show in the capital, the band have now shared their new track ‘John The Collector’, which was recorded as part of the Jäger Curtain Call programme at London’s Tileyard Education Studios.

IDLES interview at Music Radar


IDLES interview at Music Radar.

After their strident 2017 debut, Brutalism, Idles have earned a reputation for trafficking in combustible angst, but they share a belief that reshaping anger via the weaponising of joy might just help us exorcise the demons that are pulling society apart.
— Music Radar

Sarathy Korwar review in The Guardian


Sarathy Korwar album review in The Guardian.

Jazz musicians have been borrowing from Indian music for more than half a century. Sometimes it was just the textures – the drones of the tanpura, the exotic patter of tablas, the zing of a sitar. Sometimes it was deeper...
— The Guardian

Life live session for M Magazine


Life - live session for M Magazine.

Armed with ferocious riffs and no-holds-barred lyrics of disillusionment (Trump, Brexit, police violence), the staunchly DIY quartet have been tearing up stages from SXSW to Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg over the past 12 months.
— M Magazine

Speilbergs at Stereogum


Speilbergs share new single ‘4 A.M.’ at Stereogum.

We named Norwegian rock band Spielbergs a Band To Watch back in April on the strength of their fiery and invigorating Distant Star EP. Today, we’re happy to report that you won’t have to wait much longer for another dose of their contagiously bombastic “WHOA-OH!” guitar music.
— Stereogum