Album release: Business in the Front… Party in the Back’ by Zoo Harmonics
Release date: 13 October 2014
Label: Pet Harmony
Listen: on Zoo Harmonics website 

Zoo Harmonics are a four-piece punk-rock powerhouse exploding out of Tel Aviv, Israel. ‘Business in the Front… Party in the Back’ is the band’s first UK release, in which the band brandish their own flavour of melodic punk that combines fast paced punk rhythms and emotive lyrics to create an energetic and mature debut.

The album was recorded in Seattle in the legendary Robert Lang Studios (Nirvana, Taking Back Sunday, and Sunny Day Real Estate) and produced by the masterful John Goodmanson (Death Cab for Cutie, The Blood Brothers, and Bikini Kill); it’s clear that working with such formative figures has allowed the band to develop their sound and release a consummate debut, which calls to mind the sounds of seminal punk and alt-rock bands such as Bayside, Brandtson, No Use For A Name, and Lagwagon.

The standout track ‘Awake at Night’, offers the perfect introduction to Zoo Harmonic’s sound. The track demonstrates how the album can stand shoulder to shoulder with any recent punk releases, by combining cutting punk guitar lines, and enticing and memorable choruses. The band’s refined musicianship coupled with the exceptional recording and production values of the album, creates a distinctive and electrifying debut, which offers enormous promise for things to come.

Zoo Harmonics are set to tour Europe this autumn. Already renowned in their native Israel for their wild and energetic shows (including band members playing nude à la QOTSA), the band proclaim “Zoo Harmonics will be on the lips of every punk, skater, and junkie in no time” - and we believe them. 

Zoo Harmonics are:

  • Dror Goldstein - Guitar and lead vocals
  • Priel Horesh - Drums and vocals
  • Tal Levi - Bass and vocals
  • Ron Minis - Guitar and vocals

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