Stream announcement: ‘Huffer’ by Vomitface
Listen to stream: on Soundcloud

Huffer was written about this time Miley Cyrus came over to hang out our house while Keller was recording a grindcore band when we lived in Nashville. They were doing whatever they could to get blazed, including wrapping their faces in cellophane soaked in paint thinner. We found them in the basement out of their minds. They were mumbling incoherently about cannibalism and the last supper.” - Vomitface

NY ‘Avant-grunge’ band Vomitface release a new track today, ‘Huffer’. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here.


  • ‘Sludgy grunge riffs with spazzy art-punk rhythms and wild whispers and howls’ – Stereogum
  • ‘This erratic bunch have some colourful ideas to say the least’ – NME
  • ‘With gritty guitar riffs and in-your-face vocals that are reminiscent of Jeremy Enigk or even River Cuomo at times. It’s as dirty as their name’ - The 405
  • ‘Notwithstanding a name that - alone - will confine them to the deepest layers of the underground for the rest of their days, NJ/Brooklyn punks Vomitface aren’t actually that revolting. We are diggin this new EP’ – The Deli

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