Remix release: Times by David Bronson (Silk Lung Remix)
Release date: out now
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While wrapping up the second instalment to his 22-song opus, The Long Lost Story, NYC singer songwriter David Bronson has teamed up with Brooklyn beatmaker Silk Lung to electronically revamp one of the most epitomising tracks from his recent debut, Story

On the collaboration with the Brooklyn, NY multi-instrumentalist Jim Orso (aka Silk Lung), Bronson says:

‘I was introduced to him by Maria Neckam. They had done some work together that I really liked. From there it was a very easy process, I sent him the tracks and his first draft was more or less what you hear on the remix. I was totally psyched, not only because I immediately loved it but also because, while it's obviously a different thing than the original he managed to maintain the essence of the song, sort of the same bones, which I thought was great.’

You can watch the video for this new remix here

‘I wanted to somehow keep a connection to the original Times video,’ David says, ‘and we basically just went with the over-arching theme of time passing, but also the idea of repetition (staying in the same place). There's definitely an element of poking fun at myself and joking about something that was serious, which is a good thing in general I think, but also connotes time passing. The video will also be the first to bring in a few small elements from a much larger written background mythology behind The Long Lost Story, which will start cropping up in a number of the videos.’

You can download a free mp3 of the remix here with here.

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