Tour announcement
: Anamanaguchi to play their first UK tour in September 2013
Listen: get free download taster ‘Endless Fantasy
Anamanaguchi is an explosive New York City indie/dance hacker boy band that dreams of playing pop punk at raves. They use vintage video game hardware - and they do it really well. So they decided they should unleash their anthemic electronic in the UK, release the album proper on Alcopop! Records (Johnny foreigner/ Fight Like Apes) and introduce themselves to our lucky nation for a long weekend in September.

Almost selling out downstairs at The Garage off the back of a single tweet and facebook message, the band decided to add a select few dates, stick a toe in the cold British waters – and play the following dates:
  • 13th September: Superbyte Festival: Manchester Jabez Clegg
  • 14th September: Southsea Festival (Alcopop! Vs BSM Stage headliners at Edge of the Wedge)
  • 15th September: London Garage
  • 16th September: Brighton The Haunt
In celebration, they’re also releasing a new free download, taken from the album: Endless Fantasy.
Boasting an incredible fanbase who raised them over $277k via kickstarter fund in just 30 days, Endless Fantasy hit Number 1 in the US Billboard Heatseekers chart in the US alongside an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, with former credits including the Scott Pilgrim Video Game soundtrack (which debuted at Heatseekers Number 3) and a track on video game Rock Band.

Taking their roles as the ultimate rave boy band seriously, Anamanaguchi have got it all sorted out. Ary is the kind of poster-boy cool Select readers wouldda drooled over, Luke is the edgy party dude, Pete wields strong dance-floor grooves like deadly weapons, and James does tech wizadry the smart kids will LOVE (he’s responsible for all the DIY sound-and-light electronics the band uses). Take That and ANAMANAGUCHI.

Anamanaguchi are: Lead songwriter Peter Berkman, bassist James DeVito, guitarist Ary Warnaar and drummer Luke Silas.

Reaction to date

  • “8-bit synths and appropriately fuzzed-out beats” – Pitchfork
  • “awesome overload that has to power to make both eyes and smiles widen” –
  • “Endless Fantasy is a "rad" experience. It's fun, it's fast, it's full of energy and life, and it's what chiptune should really be” – Muzik Discovery
  • “one of the most eclectic, psychedelic, and out-of-this-world-sounding indie bands to arise in a long time” – Earmilk
  • “There's an addictive quality to an album like this”– The 405 

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