Vinyl collection release: Public Enemy, 25th Anniversary Collection
Release date: 15 April 2013

Public Enemy are one of the most influential, controversial and radical hip hop groups of all time. True pioneers, the band revolutionised hardcore rap in the late 80’s with a trailblazing blend of political themes and innovative music production. 

As lead MC Chuck D tackled all kinds of social issues in his rhymes, particularly in the black community, the group brought an intoxicating musical mix with comic ‘hype man’ Flava Flav and the epic unrelenting cut-and-paste beats of their production team, the Bomb Squad. With a militant outlook and lyrical content condoning revolutionary action and social activism, Public Enemy initially gathered much controversy but soon won widespread acclaim to be regarded as the most influential band of their time. 

The Public Enemy 25th Anniversary Vinyl Collection celebrates a landmark 25 years since the band’s first release, bringing together the complete original Def Jam studio album catalogue on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl, in a limited edition box set.

Including iconic hip-hop anthems such as Public Enemy No 1, Bring The Noise, Fight The Power, Welcome To The Terrordome, 911 Is a Joke and He Got Game, the set features the albums Yo! Bum Rush The Show (1987), It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (1988), Fear Of A Black Planet (1990), Apocalypse 91…  The Enemy Strikes Black (1991), Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age (1994) and He Got Game (1998);

Public Enemy remain true hip hop legends, marking their landmark 25-year career achievement with a nomination to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

Key features of set

  • 12” LP vinyl box set combining the complete set of original Def Jam studio albums
  • Released to mark the band’s 25th Anniversary
  • Features 6 original albums, on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl

Format / info

  • Catalogue number - UPC: 0600753408780
  • Label: IDJ
  • Rights: Worldwide excluding US & Canada

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