Album Release: Hello Creatures by Let’s Say We Did
Release date: 25 March
Label: Nesna Records
Listen: on Bandcamp 

Formed in 2008, and after a couple of years lurking on the periphery of Stockholm's music scene, Let’s Say We Did began to gain momentum with the release of a trilogy of EPs. In November 2011 the band released their debut, self-titled album produced by Let's Say We Did and Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Fireside, Bear Quartet, Hello Saferide). Upon release, Scandinavian media fell over themselves to shower praise on a still relatively embryonic band, drawing comparisons to the likes of Real Estate, Teenage Fanclub and Pavement. In support of the album, LSWD performed a string of shows around Scandinavia and have opened for, among others, acts like Xiu Xiu, Withered Hand, Ida Maria and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.  

Ever-changing dynamics, explosive guitars, embellished pop melodies and droning melancholy are mixed and filtered through a cloud of distortion to form LSWD’s lofi-aesthetic. From the bubbling atmospherics of opening track Into Wherever, to the languid, wilting, ambience of Hey Kid and the understated but no less powerful I Was There Too, Hello Creatures’ one constant is vocalist Sebastian Fors’ – who also has a project called Loose Cannon with Max Bloom of Yuck - pained Swedish drawl. On the forthcoming single Goodbye! (released Feb 18) he sings “The earth is spinning in reverse, as things shift from bad to worse”. It’s a track draped in trademark LSWD melancholy.

Recorded at their own studio in Stockholm, Hello Creatures picks up where the debut left off. Fors comments:

"This time it's more an album than a collection of songs. Where the common thread is more visible and the guitar hooks have been held back in favour for a more dynamic and full-bodied sound."

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