Album release: Boogie Woogie Turnaround by Otmar Binder Trio, feat .BJ Cole & Christian Dozzler 
Release date: 24 September 2012
Label: Jump River Records

Boogie Woogie Turnaround fulfils one of contemporary pianist Otmar Binder's dreams: to "play with musicians who offer everything they have". Credited to the Otmar Binder Trio (Binder on piano, Alexander Lackner on bass, and Michael Strasser on drums) the album also features BJ Cole with his pedal steel, and multi instrumentalist Christian Dozzler, who add in folky-bluesy, balladic, reflective, even downright citified airs. 

The 17-track album is made up of all-new compositions written by Binder himself or with help of collaborators. This is genuine boogie woogie. The fact that the songs sound like they could have debuted early in the last century speaks for Binder's love of boogie.

Binder says of the album: "It takes me back to some of my first strong musical experiences, hearing people like the German boogie-player Axel Zwingenberger [who nowadays tours with Ben Waters and Charlie Watts] in the early eighties." 

The strength of the past plays a large part in Boogie Woogie Turnaround; not only in that the album draws from a genre of by-gone days in a world obsessed by progress and the latest trends, but also in its creation. Binder says it all began when his father brought him home the debut album Shake That Boogie-Woogie by the Mojo Blues Band.

Boogie Woogie Turnaround is a self-produced album, with the majority of the album (the trio, duos, strings, percussion and vocals) recorded in Vienna, Austria. 

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