Album release: Ex Norwegian, Sketch
Release date: November 14 2011
Label: Van Gogh Records

An otherworldly slab of catchy pop rock song after catchy pop rock song, conceived in some fantastic place where the ’90s powerpop bubble never burst.’ –

Easily the best band to be named after a Monty Python sketch’ –CityLink Magazine 

Ex Norwegian burst onto the world stage like a storm and have been on the brink of redefining what indie rock means ever since. Their sound is catchy, unpredictable and addictive; and free of pretension or self aggrandizing pathos. Instead, the band delivers irresistible, hook-laden songs one after the other – both musically and lyrically. Combined with electrifying live shows they are steadily drawing in audiences and critics alike. 

The band was created out of South Florida’s music scene, where they instantly struck a rapport with each other. Roger Houdaille fronts the band, with Arturo Garcia on drums, Lucas Queiroz on guitar, Nina Souto on bass and Michelle Grand on vocals.

The group launched into worldwide public acclaim in the summer of 2008, delivering an impressive performance at New York City's CMJ festival. Their debut album Standby (Dying Van Gogh Records 2009) gained the band instant national exposure, along with oodles of praise from music critics coast to coast; including cover stories, five star ratings and guest appearances on TV and radio shows. Their follow up, Sketch, is instantly recognizable and yet full of sonic surprises. The music is pure and powerful indie pop-rock inspired by the likes of Deerhoof, The Pixies, MGMT and Mother Mother. The closing song Girl With A Moustache is certainly a witty treat and very much in demand across the blogosphere.

The Miami media have already picked Ex-Norwegian up as their darlings. With this joyful album they might well be bringing a bit of Florida sunshine to the UK.

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