Israeli duo Rendezvous see their video about 'life, the universe and everything' chalk up hundreds of thousands of views in the space of a week

Israeli duo Rendezvous - Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg - have yet to release their new single, The Murf - but thanks to a combination of a fantastic piece of electronic music and some beautiful animation work, the video for the track has already generated an incredible 107,000 views online (and counting).

Described by the video's animator/director Scott Benson as being about "growing up in the universe", it manages to succinctly tell humanity's story so far and raise questions about its future - all within the space of a 3 minutes, 40 seconds animation. Or, as the Motionographer blog puts it, the video "pairs a cosmic story with beautiful, stylized design that will both make you make you smile and wonder about the future".

Released without fanfare on 7 September 2011, the video and track quickly spread around the web, being picked up by countless sites and blogs and even making an appearance on CBS News. If you, like the 107,000 viewers so far are curious about "life, the universe and everything", then do check out The Murf, which can be viewed at

The single itself will be released later this month via Rough Trade Distribution and will feature as a track on Rendezvous' eagerly anticipated album, Another Round Please. The duo continue to build up an impressive following on the internet, with 21,000+ fans following their every move on Facebook and over a million views of their work chalked up on Youtube. 

If you would like to embed the video on your site/blog, do feel free - we'd be very grateful if you could drop an email if you do. For any additional queries, just email or call 07790 591707.

Rendezvous' official site is at

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