In the wake of The Libertines’ drummer Gary Powell announcing his new record label, ‘25 Hour Convenience’, details of the label’s summer schedule are revealed.

August 29 2011: Matt Acheson Monkeyland single release

August 29 sees the release of Monkeyland and the first collaboration between Acheson and 25 Hour Convenience Store. Acheson provided his vocals and co-produced this dubstep-influenced cover of the 80's classic, bringing The Chameleons' masterpiece bass-kicking and synth-screaming into the next millennium. Much is planned following this single campaign, starting with an EP of original material due for release this autumn. See

August 15 2011: Jeye T Telescopic Eye EP release

Hailing from Glasgow, and a huge fan of Nirvana and Oasis, Jeye T has recently finished recording his first EP, Telescopic Eye,  under the ever watchful eye of messier producer Jon Moon (Amy Winehouse, Kings Of Leon) and Gary Powell himself. See

August 22 2011: Black Einstein Common Ground single release

Black Einstein (AKA Colin Emmanuel) is an old dog of hip hop and a lover of the art of 'lyrical flow'. B.E.'s approach to music harks back to the time of the Native Tongues, Mark the 45 King, Queen Latifah, The Jungle Brothers, etc etc… all making music that would define an era that would then spawn so many variations.  In short,  B.E.'s approach is fresh, punchy and imaginative and he can be considered a leader, not a follower, in hip hop. See
Talking of the label and its emerging roster of talent, Powell said:
“It has been a leap of faith for me to step into the arena as a label boss. When I set up 25 Hour Convenience it was in the hope that I could make as much of a change as one person can with respect to the artist getting the platform they deserve. I’ve been inspired by the number of incredibly talented artists I see that find it hard to get heard. The label’s ethos leans itself to not only championing the artist, but assisting in their overall development. I can’t wait to see the reaction that these 3 artists get when their releases drop.” 
For all digital PR enquiries please contact Jay Taylor on or call 07554 010716. 

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