EP release: Coma
Label: Mazepa Records
Release date: October 3 2011

Italian band Sunday Recovery formed in 2009 when main composer Gianluca Cucchiara began collaborating with singer Mirko Petrini and guitar player Fabio Staffieri. The latter duo were later joined by drummer Fabio Testaferrata and bass player Emanuele Nazzaro. Once a tight unit, the quartet wasted no time in recording their debut album, and the epic, ambitious rock of Coma is the result.

Musically, the band pay close attention to songcraft whilst pushing boundaries with progressive overtones, whilst lyrically the album deals with everyday issues such as love, sex, politics and the environment. Mirko, Fabio and Tancredi Gaetani worked together with lyricist Andrew James Whelan to create meaningful, empathetic lyrics that would resonate outside of their native Italy in order for their intended emotion and mood to be shared and enhanced. Whelan is the author of four tracks on the CD.

The band secured Porcupine Tree bass player Colin Edwin, a fan since their inception, who contributed to the project by playing bass on the tracks In Front of You and Side C. The band wanted to create an international feel to their debut album, which led them to mix the CD at Sphere Studios in London.

Taking influence from the likes of Colin Edwin’s afformentioned Porcupine Tree, King Crimson and the melodic soundscapes of Muse and The Bends-era Radiohead, Sunday Recovery more than meld a sound of their own. Undeniably a brew that contains as much dark as it ever did light, the band are proving experts in the field of hard hitting rock music. Already a leading name in Italy, they are set to break further waves elsewhere when Coma is released to the rest of Europe in September.

The band have announced the following live dates in London around release date:

24 September – The Purple Turtle
5 October – The Underworld
12 November – The Barfly

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