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Theon Cross at Rolling Stone


Theon Cross interviewed at Rolling Stone.

Working in buzzy groups like Sons of Kemet and with his own lean, commanding trio, the Londoner is putting the focus back on the low end.
— Rolling Stone

Theon Cross at The New York Times


Theon Cross featured at The New York Times.

Most likely, you’ll go into a Sons of Kemet show looking forward to Shabaka Hutchings’s tenor saxophone, and you’ll leave buzzing about Theon Cross’s tuba.
— The New York Times

Theon Cross at Pitchfork


Theon Cross album ‘Fyah’ reviewed at Pitchfork.

A player in Shabaka Hutchings’ Sons of Kemet and a key figure in London’s vital jazz scene, Cross brings new energy to the tuba, an instrument long neglected in jazz and its offshoots.
— Pitchfork

Theon Cross at NPR


Theon Cross - First Listen of album ‘Fyah’ at NPR.

Fyah is the first full-length album by Cross, featuring the same core trio that appeared on his 2015 EP, Aspirations.

Theon Cross premiere at Downbeat


Theon Cross ‘Fyah’ premiere at Downbeat.

Even before releasing a full-length recording under his own name, Theon Cross had become a central figure of the contemporary UK jazz scene...
— Downbeat

Theon Cross at Clash


Theon Cross shares new song 'Panda Village' at Clash.

A righteous return, it sluices together elements of club culture with hard-hitting jazz soloing, utilising the twin talents of percussionist Moses Boyd and saxophonist Nubya Garcia.
— Clash

Theon Cross at The Quietus


Theon Cross - 'Panda Village' song premiere and Q&A at The Quietus.

Sons of Kemet’s Theon Cross shares a new solo track, and tells us about drawing inspiration from Kung Fu Panda.
— The Quietus