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Silverbacks at Stereogum


Silverbacks ‘Just In The Band’ song premiere at Stereogum.

It’s another promising installment in Silverbacks’ early output, a suggestion that their forthcoming album will be an overdriven display of gratifyingly dense guitars and vocal hooks alike.
— Stereogum

Speilbergs at Stereogum


Speilbergs share new single ‘4 A.M.’ at Stereogum.

We named Norwegian rock band Spielbergs a Band To Watch back in April on the strength of their fiery and invigorating Distant Star EP. Today, we’re happy to report that you won’t have to wait much longer for another dose of their contagiously bombastic “WHOA-OH!” guitar music.
— Stereogum

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam at Stereogum

sunshine frisbee.jpg

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam single premiere at Stereogum

When you’re listening to this, everything feels massive and urgent but it never takes itself too seriously, thanks to some darkly funny lyrics.
— Stereogum

Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet at Stereogum


Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet - album review at Stereogum

Their version of “Theme de Yoyo,” probably the most aggressive, funkiest thing the Art Ensemble ever recorded, is great; the horns jump and shout, as the rhythm section repeatedly devolves from an airtight groove into brief interludes of free jazz chaos.
— Stereogum

Spielbergs track feature at Stereogum


Spielbergs track feature at Stereogum

Oslo power trio Spielbergs play big, heart-on-sleeve guitar-rock with a go-for-broke anthemic intensity. They’re getting ready to unleash their debut EP Distant Star onto the world in April, and its first track is the grandly emotive “We Are All Going To Die,” which will have you either tearing up, punching the sky, or both.
— Stereogum

Stereogum premiere for Town Portal

Town Portal

We've arranged a premiere with Stereogum for Town Portal's 'Bonus Trigger'.

The bass-heavy blast toggles between eerie, tension-building passages and riff-driven eruptions, juggling chord changes and time signatures like chainsaws all the while. For all the wild flourishes, there remains a sense of order and rapid forward momentum.
— Stereogum

Stereogum premiere for Pale Honey

Pale Honey

We got Pale Honey's "Youth" premiered on Stereogum recently.

Pale Honey are one of those bands I knew on first listen I was going to fall in love with
— Caitlin White, Stereogum