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Idles at Kerrang! Magazine

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Idles news at Kerrang! Magazine

Idles have released a brand new track called Mercedes Marxist, their first new music since last year’s incredible Joy As An Act Of Resistance album.
— Kerrang! Magazine

Press Club at Kerrang!


Press Club - one of the bands you need to know in 2019 at Kerrang!

A splendidly punky quartet with lots of depth and heart.
— Kerrang!

Movements at Kerrang!


Movements give a run through of their live gear set-up at Kerrang!

It’s a fascinating insight and exactly the kind of thing we just don’t often get to see yet we take for granted when we go see bands live.
— Kerrang!

Sex Pistols interview with Kerrang!


Sex Pistols - Steve Jones interview with Kerrang!

Ahead of the 40th anniversary reissue of Never Mind The Bollocks, the Sex Pistols guitarist talked sobriety, maturity and the flight to London kicking his arse.
— Kerrang

Slaughter Beach, Dog interview at Kerrang!

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Slaughter Beach, Dog interview at Kerrang!

Slaughter Beach, Dog might have started out as little more than a writing exercise, but by the end of the show, it’s clear that it’s become something far bigger, with potential for much more still.
— Kerrang!