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Idles at Kerrang! Magazine

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Idles news at Kerrang! Magazine

Idles have released a brand new track called Mercedes Marxist, their first new music since last year’s incredible Joy As An Act Of Resistance album.
— Kerrang! Magazine

IDLES at Crack magazine


IDLES on the cover and special feature at Crack magazine.

Yet alongside the critical acclaim and sold-out shows, between the wild Jools Holland appearance and the Charlie Brooker endorsement, something else has been happening. IDLES have found themselves the unlikely centre of a movement.
— Crack magazine



IDLES album tops ’s albums of 2018 at BBC News.

The group’s second album Joy as an Act of Resistance is “a really powerful record but it’s still quite sly,” said DJ Steve Lamacq.
— BBC News

IDLES interview at Music Radar


IDLES interview at Music Radar.

After their strident 2017 debut, Brutalism, Idles have earned a reputation for trafficking in combustible angst, but they share a belief that reshaping anger via the weaponising of joy might just help us exorcise the demons that are pulling society apart.
— Music Radar



IDLES - 'music with a message' feature on ITV News

While singing in support of the NHS and immigration, their music also deals with mental health, and in particular in their new album ‘Joy As An Act of Resistance’, toxic masculinity.
— ITV News

Idles on the cover of DIY Magazine


Idles on the cover of DIY Magazine.

There’s a change happening in British punk music right now. Trading out machismo and bullishness for sensitivity and a desire for dialogue and connection...
— DIY Magazine

Idles new video at DIY


Idles new video for huge comeback single ‘Colossus’ at DIY

IDLES are back! After getting its first play on Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 6 Music show just now, the band have shared a new video for huge comeback single ‘Colossus’.

Idles interview on Loud And Quiet

Idles interview on Loud And Quiet

Our aim isn’t to start a revolution, but we talk about politics in the pub, so it’d be weird if we didn’t sing about it
— Idles on Loud And Quiet