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Binker Golding at Clash


Binker Golding at Clash

Binker Golding Is At His Lyrical Best On ‘... And I Like Your Feathers’
— Clash

Dry Cleaning at Clash

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Dry Cleaning at Clash

Rising post-punk force Dry Cleaning have shared new song ‘Goodnight’
— Clash

Wicked Whispers video premiere on Clash

Wicked Whispers video premiere 'If I Set You Free' on Clash

The Wicked Whispers’ rise up into a hallucinogenic whirlwind on ‘If I Set You Free’, the melting guitars set alongside those crisp vocals.
— Clash

Handmade Festival exclusive ‘How To…’ blog with Clash

Handmade Festival exclusive ‘How To... Throw Your Own Festival' blog with Clash

Through putting on shows for years we’ve made friends in a lot of important places – bars, printers, other venues, PA hire companies.
— Handmade Festival in Clash

Five Grand Stereo track premiere with Clash

 Five Grand Stereo track "This Stuff" was premiered with Clash.

A stomping, Lou Reed influeced track, there’s a sense of Sparks’ pop art nature in here. Glamorous, piano-driven rock ‘n’ roll...An enthralling introduction.
— Clash Magazine