Tour announcement: Heavy Lungs
Tour dates: January / February 2019
More info: Band website

To celebrate the release of the IDLES and Heavy Lungs split 7” single, Heavy Lungs have revealed a brand new video to accompany their track 'Blood Brother', a reference to their front man's close relationship with Joe Talbot. IDLES return the favour with their anthem ‘Danny Nedelko’, a direct reference to the Heavy Lungs singer of the same name.

Watch Heavy Lungs ‘Blood Brother’ video on YouTube.

Following their support role for IDLES' sold out UK tour last month, Heavy Lungs have their own headline UK tour early next year.

Full tour dates and tickets here.

Danny Nedelko of Heavy Lungs on the collaboration:

“The 'Blood Brother' video is a collaboration with our friend Elliot Pearce, who also directed the video for 'Stutter'. The video is a visually driven narrative that echoes the lyrical content of the song. However, it ultimately stands alone as a separate piece of surrealistic art driven by Elliot’s creative interpretation of the song.”

Editor & Director Elliot Pearce

"The lyrics are very potent and speak candidly about the love, devotion, and commitment that occur in friendship - specifically referring to Danny’s relationship with Joe. I wanted this video to represent these feelings in a more literal and physical sense. I also wanted it to be fun. I don’t come from a music video background, and I find the traditional idea of just watching a band play for three and a half minutes boring and artificial. This was about having fun, and I really hope that translates to anyone watching."

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