EP release: 'Lucky Aide' by Wayde
Release date: 3 March 2017
More info: Band Soundcloud 

Having only released one previous single (‘Eleanor’), which earned them plaudits from the likes of DIY, The 405, BBC 6 Music and more, Essex four piece Wayde are now ready to unleash their new 'Lucky Aid'e EP. Recorded in guitarist/vocalist Tyrone Foster’s flat in Stoke Newington, in between the banging on ceilings and floors from disgruntled neighbours, Wayde’s sound is an amalgamation of sardonic indie, enveloping shoegaze and psych-infused grunge. 

Channelling influences from the likes of The Rentals, Hüsker Dü, Teenage Fanclub and Pavement, there is a nostalgic comfort amongst Wayde’s combination of warm guitars, mid-tempo grooves and vocals, which are lyrically sharp, saccharine and melodically contagious. The new EP draws on a beguiling familiarity throughout but despite its evocative nature it remains atypical and unbridled. This is exemplified in tracks such as ‘easy’, which oscillate between laid-back yet acidulous vocally driven sections and crushing, overdriven grunge-infused choruses. Whilst elsewhere, Wayde’s heavier guitar led sections on tracks such as ‘doser’ and ‘incomplete’ call to mind The Pixies ‘Debaser’-era riffs, if they’d have had the same production of Smashing Pumpkin’s ‘Cherub Rock’. The delivery is heavy, pretty and deceptively straightforward. 

Speaking about the themes behind the forthcoming EP, Miles Shawyer (bass) said, “There’s no consciously imprinted themes on the EP, however the songs were all written in a period when we were all just about to finish university and the anticipation of having to become real people and getting jobs was looming. So there’s an almost entirely unintentional coming of age/fear of adulthood theme running throughout the EP.” 

It’s this charming yet almost serendipitous honesty that resonates the loudest throughout every track on the EP. The themes come naturally and candidly, whilst Wayde place their focus entirely on infectious hooks, reverb and fuzz, only abating to take rapid turns into hazy garage-punk and feedback-laden grunge.

Having dipped their toes in water with their first single, Wayde are now ready to take the plunge with a consummated EP, which will appeal to many both on and beneath the surface.  

Press reaction to date

“Racing through a collision course with the likes of Ty Segall and Pond by their side, they still hit heights that other have yet to cross, rinsing a trusty sound and sourcing something original at the same time.” - DIY

“A noisy and abrasive yet relaxed and pretty slice of modern rock.” – The 405

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