Album release: 'Harness' by Loved Ones
Release date: 5 May 2017
Label: Blood Records
More info: Band Facebook

It is said that a change is as good as a rest, so when it comes to Liverpool quartet Loved One’s re-emergence, coupled with their shift in musical direction, things can only bode well for the swell of new material they are set to release in 2017. 
Releasing themselves from the lo-fi and ambient rock of their debut album 'The Merry Monarch' – having spent much of their recent time involved in soundtrack work - the forthcoming full length 'Harness' sets its stall out as a move into an eclectic, but no less focussed, sphere of operation.

The album’s first single 'End Of An Error' today premieres at Wonderland and offers a first look into what they’ve been working on. Listen to 'End Of An Error. With this track we get a sense of the record’s more anxious moments and themes of escapism, which conspire here to erupt into a dilating and expansive chorus.

Lead singer Nik Glover comments; “We tried to turn our traditional song structure on its head in 'End of an Error', piling all the melodies into the verse and letting the chorus speed past with hardly any vocals. It's a song about naive teenage love and regret, and why sometimes ripping up all your memories of a relationship is better than trying to hold on to it.” 

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