Video premiere: 'Maid Of The Mist' by Diet Cig
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A few dates into their biggest European tour yet, NYC's Diet Cig today release the occult-friendly new video for 'Maid Of The Mist', a video DIY have called "frankly amazing" in their premiere. The video's director, Emily Dubin, goes into more details here:

“My goal with the 'Maid of the Mist' video was to take the stereotype of the “emotional girl” and lean into it as hard as possible. Often times, women who exhibit any sort of emotional reaction to anything are labelled over-sensitive and are told to essentially “get over it.” We're rarely given control, and when we do exercise control, we’re labelled as domineering or a bitch.

The idea that a group of witches set up this whole ritual and do this extravagant spell just so they can make sure to kiss the boy they want during spin the bottle is meant to be a melodramatic reflection of the way men perceive women: always extra, always emotional, always plotting.

However, I think our fondness for and practice of emotional intelligence in a general sense is one of the strongest assets that women can have; what better way to embody power, sensitivity, emotion, and connection to the universe than a bad ass group of witches?

I also need to give an enormous shout out to our Director of Photography, John Komar, who has been an inspiration to me for a while and was an absolute dream to work on this with.”

The band are currently touring alongside Scottish indie-poppers The Spook School and recently added a second London date at The Moth Club after the first sold out. Watch 'Maid Of The Mist' here.

'Swear I'm Good At This' was released this Spring via Frenchkiss Records to world-wide critical acclaim. It is the follow up to the infectious, 2015 'Over Easy' EP - recently reissued, and almost immediately selling out, on "egg" shaped vinyl - that introduced the world to the band's consistent sing-a-long lyrics with thrashing drums and strums that never held back. Swear I'm Good At This accumulates Diet Cig's tenacity for crafting life-affirming, relateable tales with a gutsy heart at their core. Luciano has the ability to write lyrics that are both vulnerable and direct, perfecting a storm of emotive reflection that creates a vision of a sweaty, pumped-up room screaming these lines in unison.

Diet Cig make it okay to be the hot mess that you are. The LP was produced, engineered and mixed by Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz, NY with additional recording at Atomic Sound in New York City.  

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