Album release: 'I Still Have This Dream' by Robert Coyne & Jaki Liebezeit
Release date: 3 June 2016
Label: Meyer Records

British alternative-folk musician, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Robert Coyne returns this June with a new album, his third now with long-time collaborator (and pioneering drummer of the avant-garde Krautrock band Can) Jaki Liebezeit. The follow-up to the pair’s 2013 album 'The Obscure Department' and 2015’s 'Golden Arc', 'I Still Have This Dream' finds the pair in contemplative moods.   
Adopting a similar approach to their work as on previous releases together, and masterfully executed, Coyne meditates on the themes of self-delusion, miscommunication, isolation, and misunderstanding, saying that some of the time it’s “just me talking to myself”. All the while Liebezeit’s famous metronomic drumming style instils a sense of calm into this quiet storm. 'I Still Have This Dream' is the product of two stand-alone artists who have come to know each other’s strengths by heart, and developed the ability to complement these in the most exhilaratingly quiet, and stirring, way. Coyne describes their partnership as “especially dream-like.” 
In the same way that ideas and lyrics gently and naturally surface from Coyne, 'I Still Have This Dream' sets its stall out as an album that rewards investigation. It is intimate, introverted almost, in its experimentation but with a maturity and lyrical confidence that conspire to create atmospheres of melancholia and suspense. Liebezeit’s style ensures that he only plays what needs to be there, providing the perfect pacing for Coyne’s meditative couplets. Speaking of this contradiction, Coyne has previously said; “I think the music is quite peaceful, and meditative, but there's tension in it, too, and in the lyrics, which are generally quite dark ... I think that conflict represents my feelings and personality quite well, and may not be a conflict at all, in fact ...” 
About Robert Coyne:  
Robert Coyne is the son of the late 2004 musician, painter and author Kevin Coyne . He initially worked as a musician, among other things with his father Kevin Coyne, with Eric Burdon , The Barracudas, The Scientists , Amy Rigby, Spooky Tooth , Sky Saxon and Chris Wilson of the Flamin 'Groovies , just to name a few.  
About Jaki Liebezeit:  

Liebezeit is best known for his exceptional 'metronome' style of playing; other members of Can have suggested that he sounds as though he is 'half-man, half machine' Liebezeit provided drums, in his patented 'Motorik beat', for Michael Rother's late-1970s solo albums. In 1980, he became a member of Phantomband. Later he recorded with numerous musicians, such as Jah Wobble and Philip Jeck, with whom he produced an album for Jah Wobble's 30 Hertz Records, and has contributed drums and percussion to many albums as a guest throughout the years, such as the Depeche Mode album Ultra and Brian Eno's album Before and After Science. Recently, he has worked with Burnt Friedman on the Secret Rhythms albums.  

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