Album release: Lisbon Kid
Release date: 22 April 2016
Label: Wall of Sound
More info: Band website

Comprised of the estimable Soho-based, Portuguese musicians, producers and TV ad composers Danny de Matos and Rui da Silva, electronica duo Lisbon Kid are now gearing up to release their eponymously titled debut album. Made from a beguiling mix of electronica and acoustic instruments, often with ambient landscaping and elements of sound design added to a huge song-based pop sensibility and emotional lyrical content, Lisbon Kid have created a consummate debut record which is as diverse as it is adventurous.  

Tracks such as the Balearic ‘Sunburst’ show the duo’s song craft by merging effortlessly infectious textured bassline and synth melodies with hazy and laidback ambient beats. Alternative versions of the track have already appeared on leading compilations such as Café Del Mar, Golden Lounge and Balearic prior to its forthcoming release of the original mix as the debut single. Much like a number of other tracks on the record it is incredibly radio and sync friendly but it is also so much more than that.

Tracks such as ‘Last Weekend’ exhibit a starker, yet more playful side to the duo with a raw almost distorted bassline accompanied by a brutally honest narrated stream of consciousness provided by Tony Bignell (Coming of Age). Elsewhere, the album is strewn with pianos, acoustic guitars, string sections and an expansive percussion section. This is where the album picks up its obvious individuality calling to mind artists from a huge range styles and genres with moments that travel from Air to Royksopp, Cinematic Orchestra to Nick Drake, Zero 7 to Pink Floyd and many more.  

The debut also features a number of estimable guest appearances from the likes of Sarah Cracknell (St. Etienne), Lisa Billson (Orbital/Loose Salute), James Craise (featured Professor Green singer), electronic diva Queen of Hearts and Icelandic songstress Hafdis Huld. Each guest appearance contributes further personality and uniqueness to each song adding even more diversity to the album.

Speaking on the new album, Danny de Matos said “We wanted to make a record that we loved that would move people and bring a smile to their faces and a tear to their eye. We’re happy to say we’ve done that.”Rui da Silva also speaking on the album said “After so many years producing music for clubs at 4am, it was really exciting to embark on this new project and be able to explore other sonics, bpm’s and escape the limits of dance floormusic. We had immense fun writing and recording this album between London and Lisbon and I can’t wait to share the results with you all. Music for the morning after the night before."

Live shows have previously seen Lisbon Kid being joined by James Craise (Professor Green). From their beginnings at Canvas Art Gallery in London for a select audience of UK’s cutting-edge advertising industry, Lisbon Kid have already played shows as support for M+A in Shoreditch, and private after-party DJ sets at Soho House for Scarlet Johansson’s ‘Under The Skin’ and their international live debut at the Cannes Festival of Creativity.

Similarly, in demand as leftfield remixers, Lisbon Kid have dub-remixed James McArthur’s ‘Lawn Order’ for Chris Coco’s Melodica label and ‘Confused’ for The Blockheads’ Remixes Album. They have also recently remixed singles from Kids On Bridges and Ekkoes and The Woodentops for Wall Of Sound.

Lisbon Kid very recently signed to the renowned eclectic label Wall Of Sound, who have previously released albums from the likes of: Royksopp, Grace Jones, Mogwai, The Clash, Kids On Bridges and more. The multifarious nature of the label is the perfect fit for the debut album and mirrors Lisbon Kid's individual intent to merge various styles and influences in their songwriting. Speaking on the recent signing Mark Jones (label founder) said in Music Week “It’s great to have Lisbon Kid on Wall of Sound with their beautiful songs and soundscapes that touch you inside and out. I’m actually now officially a Portugeezer!”

Between them both Danny de Matos and Rui da Silva have had success on a worldwide level as award-winning writers and producers over a wide range of genres and projects. It is this combination of talent, experience and personality which has allowed the duo to create a debut album filled with contemplative ambience andemotive and hook driven moments that sink into the mind and beg repeated listening. Lisbon Kid have only just begun, but their proficiency gives the project the feeling that it has been in development for years. This is a debut that loudly broadcasts its intention, Lisbon Kid mean business and we know it.

Press reaction to date

'...An intriguing album of downtempo gems'– Chris CoCo

'...I’ll be playing it all summer' – Phil Mison (Café Del Mar)

'...I love it' – Rob da Bank

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