Single release: Turn Your Back by Colder
Release date: 25 May 2015
Label: Bataille
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Colder has just completed his third, very long-awaited album and it’s abundantly clear from the opening strains that the lengthy absence since 2002 debut on Trevor Jackson’s seminal OUTPUT Recordings ('Again', and 2005 successor,'Heat') hasn’t diminished Marc Nguyen Tans keen sense of mood and melody. In fact, if anything the ten-year respite has given Tan a renewed sense of purpose and direction that reveals itself with a subtle beauty that resonates and endures.

Colder’s music is cool. It is seductive yet unobtainable, intimate yet peculiarly disorienting. It resonates like Joy Division or LCD Soundsystem yet occupies its own space, taking the listener out of their comfort zone and into a world of unsettling feelings and sensations, each more tantalising than its predecessor. This is a mature work made by an artist of rare purity and insight, a man who makes music for the right reasons, or not at all.

'Turn Your Back' (single) , includes the b-side A City.  Released on 8 June, 'Turn Your Back Remixes ' (EP)  includes versions by Cómeme’s member Christian S, swiss party duo In Flagranti, The Rapture’s drummer and multi-instrumentalist side project Vito and Druzzi,  iconic catalan dj and producer Marc Piñol and Kompakt’s Amsterdam based signature Patrice Bäumel. 


  • "Exquisite - Colder sounds like a sparser, funkier Joy Division or a Digital Doors" NME 
  • “With Colder there’s no notion of compromise” - Time Out New York
  • "Suicide-ish vocal meanderings and Krautrock-via-Joy Division hypnosis” - CMJ
  • “Colder's sound is at the height of chic, the perfect late-night complement to an evening of jealous lovers” - Pitchfork
  • “Very fashionable, very necessary” - METRO

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