EP release: 'Wild Season' by Goldsmack
Release date: 11 May 2015
More information / listen on: official website

To define Goldsmack, just imagine that Love, Bruce Haack, The Velvet Underground and Nico teamed up to compose a song for a Disney classic. They are a psychedelic power pop trio of gold-scented, gold junkies, created to bring discord and entropy into the world of pop music with a sound that is soft and electric; quirky and genuine; super serious and absolutely whimsical.  

Dave Tebaldi, Georgia Minelli and Luca Bagatti are childhood friends who started a band in the single most beautiful and boring place on earth; that is the small village, situated in the gentle hills of northern Italy. As most kids who live in isolated places they approached music with much hunger and senseless ambition. The isolation also provided them with countless hours to be dedicated to reading, fighting, rehearsing, playing cards with the village’s elderly and most of all… imagining, fantasizing and dreaming. It is from this point of view that the Goldsmack project has to be interpreted. It is the fruit of dreaming and isolation, and it refers not as much to real gold, but rather to an alchemical sort of gold, a chimera, a potent drug…a prismatic, paradoxical thought that becomes circular and obsessive. We could say that all of us are chasing Goldsmack and we are doing it our own way.

'Wild Season' wants to symbolize a sort of Rite of Passage into a New Era. It is a concept album that traces the impossible triangle between Love, Money and Spiritual Enlightenment. All the songs are symbolically charged and these symbols, instead of being covert or slightly hidden are proposed in an almost excessive way, every song proposes a riddle, a paradox to be solved, and does so with the whimsical attitude of Trivial Pursuit but with the seriousness of a life/death deal.


  1. Good Morning Star
  2. A Wild Wild Season
  3. Rites Of Spring
  4. Kids with Guns
  5. Of Human Bondage


Georgia Minelli (vocals) // Luca Bagatti (bass guitar, keyboards, back vocals) // Davide Tebaldi (guitars).

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