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Remix release: Noel Gallagher's "In The Heat Of The Moment", remixed by Toydrum
Release date: 2 March 2015
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'In The Heat Of The Moment (Toydrum remix)' is the first time Pablo Clements and James Griffith have remixed a Noel Gallagher track since they remixed ‘AKA.. What A Life!’, and ‘Let The Lord Shine A Light On Me’, as UNKLE. The members of the seminal project forged new musical partnership, TOYDRUM to produce and compose their own eclectic mix of projects from their own studio in Brighton, The Toy Rooms.

Furthering Gallagher’s forays into space-rock, Toydrum hastens and accentuates the durable beat adding even more celestial layers while spotlighting the Oasis man’s strengths in songwriting.

Pablo Clements began his musical career with the PSYCHONAUTS while growing up in Yeovil Somerset, amidst a burgeoning breakbeat revival in nearby Bristol. Moving to London in 1996, he began to work regularly for MO’WAX as a mixer and multi-instrumentalist. He officially became a member of UNKLE in 2007, co-producing their "War Stories“ (July 2007) album. Alongside bassist and guitarist James Griffith (BIG IN JAPAN & LAKE TROUT) they toured the world, and over the next few years saw a number of UNKLE releases that they were creatively responsible for: ‘More Stories (January 2008),  ‘End Titles Stories For Film’ (July 2008),  ‘End Titles Redux’ (December 2008) ‘Where Did The Night Fall’ (May 2010) and ‘Where Did The Night Fall Another Night Out (April 2011) featuring collaborations with Ian Astbury, Queen Of The Stone Age, Nick Cave, The Black Angels, Mark Lanagan, Sleepy Sun and many more.  

Both Clements and Griffith have extensive musical histories spanning many collaborations and projects, and they continue as a prolific and productive force at the TOY ROOMS studio today. Recent mini-album Distant Focus Vol. 1 was the first of many more official releases to come from the duo. 

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