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Single release: "For The Road" by SUKH
Release date: 27 April 2015
More information / listen on: on SUKH website
Second album ‘Heading East’ to follow in winter 2015

Doctor by day, musician by night, the young Mancunian songwriter Sukh returns with brand new track ‘For the Road’ - the first offering from a wealth of new material which sees his most accomplished songwriting yet.  

Acclaimed for his chamber folk tinged numbers (particularly breakthrough single ‘Kings’) Sukhdeep Krishan employs an orchestral element that sounds big enough to uplift and reverb around a space 300 feet high, balanced by gentle comfortable strumming and lupine vocals. Now even more advanced in production, 'For The Road' is textural, crisp and bold - born for the airwaves.   

Despite his accessible, even commercial sound, Sukh’s personal listening is underground, exploratory and thoughtful, including the likes of Luke Howard, Joe Hisaishi, Kings Go Forth, Milo Greene, The Slow Show and Tom Waits to name a few. He lets some elements of these tastes inform his songwriting but largely finds influence elsewhere, be it on the open mic circuit, temporary residencies in other cities, or, and perhaps most consciously, literature and psychology - Russian authors Tolstoy and Turgenev through to the more theatrical and poetic Henrik Ibsen, and emotional psychologists Haidt and Lyubomirsky.

‘For The Road’ is taken from forthcoming album 'Heading East' - an album about true love. Not your standard ‘I like you / I like you too’ yarn, or any type of dramatised romance. No it’s about a calmer, peaceful love. It’s about vines growing together, nourishment and sustenance - an autobiography of reality coupled with the everyday ups and downs of fiery passion. “I suppose the whole album is about two people’s lives that are inextricably intertwined,” says Sukh, “It’s a very personal album and is a lot more exposed than Kings.”

Sukh will launch his single live on Tuesday April 21st @ Ronnie Scotts, London.

Press reaction to date

‘Sukh recalls the more pastoral, up beat moments of Sufjan Stevens with a country tinge that is informed by Neil Young (think 'Harvest') and even less hip names such as Cat Stevens. It seems that the Manchester artist is confident enough to write songs - great big, hulking things which groan under the weight of the emotion contained therein.’ -  Clash

"It’s very, very hard to impress with acoustic based folk tinged pop songs. So when a track stands out amongst minimal techno productions and growling guitar licks, we know it’s something special. This offering is written, performed and produced by the artist alone and employs country, folk and americana elements with melodies that have a habit of embedding themselves on the inside of your brain." - Tom Robinson (6Music) blog

 "Sukh is a doctor. This clearly isn’t enough of a challenge for him, though, so in is spare time he makes short films. Oh, and on top of that, he writes, performs and produces dreamy, jangly folk pop like ‘Kings’. Naturally, there’s an adorable video to accompany it too. It’d be easy to dislike him if it wasn't all so good." - For Folks Sake

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