AxxoN N
AxxoN N

Album release: “Heal” by AxxoN N

Release date: October 13 2014

Label: Domestic Records 

Listen on: Soundcloud

Little is known about AxxoN N apart from the fact that this debut recording has been constructed over the last 4 years in the UK, drawing on the surrounding popular culture that is the early 21st entury.

Sourced almost entirely from samples, it’s a enlightening work that is virtually impossible to categorise. Perhaps a distant bastard cousin of Autechre and the more fluid experiments of Kraftwerk around the time of Radio Activity, this music takes the listener on an unpredictable journey which appears to have no final destination. Like all great works, there are more questions than answers.

This work takes on conceptual form, each track addressing and coming to terms with states of deep depression and anxiety. 

AxxoN N music is painted out of a deep blue and grey canvas where darkness is omnipresent, but as the music unravels it becomes ever more unpredictable, bright flashes of melody jump out of the dense landscape.

Heal offers the listener a curious concoction of loops and beats which could have been dug up from a distant corner of a future David Lynch film set at a fucked up surrealist shopping channel somewhere high in the Hollywood hills.

If Heal was a planet it would be spinning on more than one axis, throwing its inhabitants out across the universe into a dark future…and is this the true music of the future? A monumental claim perhaps, but it comes very very close. 

Who needs mind altering drugs when there is “Heal” by AxxoN N?

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