Album release: Follow The Truth by Us Amongst The Rest
Release date: September 29 2014 
Label: Two Star Records
Listen: on official Us Amongst The Rest website

Us Amongst The Rest are a four-piece brotherhood of Rock emerging from York. An alliance forged through years of gigs and rival bands, playing since 2012, UATR hold nothing back. Channelling their collective psyche to deliver a raw, focussed, and soulful take on alternative rock, their suitably explosive debut effort Follow The Truth is ground zero, a place from which they hope great things will be born.   

Recording the album at InnerSounds Studios with Sam and Joe Graves (Axewound, Glamour of the Kill, Asking Alexandria), and working with such classic and iconic figures, has helped bring together the band’s vision for their sound, resulting in an incredibly accomplished debut.

Follow The Truth exemplifies their determination and confidence, and is complimented by an exhilarating honesty. Recent single Bring The Fuel, a track long awaited by a fervent fan-base, is a perfect introduction to newcomers, with its high production values and accomplished musicianship. Elsewhere, tracks like ‘Sliver & Lead’ and ‘Fields of Fray’ set the bar high, calling to mind early Funeral For A Friend. 

As a back to back body of work, the tracks that make up Follow The Truth stem from the band’s own personal struggles, confronting harsh realities, mending relationships, love, loss and ultimately the desire to follow your own path. Perhaps it’s the album’s penultimate track Rise that sets out the band’s intentions perfectly, as vocalist Karl Sandor comments; “As a band (and like all bands) the struggle we faced was to swim out of a sea of musicians, all fighting to be heard. Especially in the town we are from it seems there are almost more bands than there are audiences to listen to them. We unintentionally wrote an album to better define us in our hometown of York”.

Us Amongst The Rest are:

  • Karl Sandor – Bass, vocals
  • Danny Beardmore – Guitars
  • Paul Fernandez – Drums
  • Dan Stockdale – Guitars

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