Album release: ‘Searching the Brittle Light’ by Thom Bowden
Release date: 14 July 2014
Label: Sex Farm Records
Listen on: official Thom Bowden website 

“I cannot begin to imagine what heights he will be reaching once his debut album comes out.” – The Metaphorical Boat 

“Crunchy, old school rock material that will light a fire under you.” – The Da Da Da

“One of the best EPs I’ve heard this year.”  - Berkley Place Blog

Surrey-based indie-rocker Thom Bowden announces his highly anticipated debut album ‘Searching The Brittle Light’. 

Having already gained support from BBC Radio 1, XFM and Amazing Radio’s Rock Show, Thom’s debut EP ‘The Damagestarted to get picked up and hyped by the music blog community, clearly impressed with its quality.

Immediately reminiscent of The White Stripes, Fugazi and Neil Young, Thom’s brilliantly crafted sound is encapsulated perfectly on debut full length ‘Searching The Brittle Light’. You can expect the most satisfying of old-skool low fi scuzzy guitars permeating throughout heavy rhythms and urgent angsty vocals. In subtler moments the angst is embellished with harmonium flourishes.

At a low point in his life, Thom began writing his debut album as a form of therapy. The songs became a way of saying things that he struggled to say aloud and they then became a way for him to fight. Writing in a stream of consciousness ‘Searching The Brittle Light’ is as honest as Bowden could get.

When Bowden was in Chicago he got some advice from Kim Deal, a 2 minute primer on mastering - “don’t let them use the limiter!” she told him. This is why the All Wave logo is on the actual LP - no computers were involved. He did however work with some legendary producers. It was recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago on to tape and also mixed by him onto tape. Steve Rooke mastered it at Abbey Road using an old EMI console, straight to this lathe cutting the metal master for the record.

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