Video release: ‘Family by’ Apothek (released via DIY)
Release date: 14 May 2014
Watch: on Youtube 

‘If the cooks in Breaking Bad conjured up music while busying themselves with the money-making meth, they’d probably make something like this.’ - DIY 

“A wonderful example of excellent pop songwriting mixed with electronic sounds and a classical vibe. What is truly exciting is the schizophrenic way band treats the track’s beat causing wonderful little heart attacks with its sudden, unpredictable nature.” - The 405

“Combines the two artists’ musical backgrounds to somewhat stunning effect. A slow burning, euphoric little ditty which paces along at perfect head nodding speed, getting into your ears and latching on like a musical leech” - Ja Ja Ja 

Apothek’s music is often described as cinematic; a word that doesn’t mean much in isolation, but one which given context can be annoyingly accurate. Other than describing the concrete musical elements it also says something about the span or depth of the music.

It embodies nostalgia and being part of a tradition. So, even if the sound of “Family” is one that could only exist today, it’s nevertheless easy to look behind the chopped rhythms and discover the classic and surprising songwriting that would feel familiar regardless of the instrumentation.

It’s timeless, and exactly the type of song that doesn’t need the context of the current day to be enjoyed.  As a band, Apothek is absolutely a child of its time, but one with parents, great grandparents, siblings and cousins. Or “Family”, to be more precise.

‘Family’ is Out Now, available to buy digitally. Remix/Acoustic package to follow. 

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