Vision Fortune

Album release: "Country Music" by Vision Fortune
Release date: 9 February 2015 
Label: ATP
More information / listen: on Soundcloud

Vision Fortune formed in 2011 primarily around Alex and Austin Peru. In the following years the band have rotated through a cast of drummers and had material released by the likes of Italian Beach Babes(Dirty Beaches, Eagulls, Male Bonding), Rocket Recordings(Goat, Teeth of the Sea) and Gringo(Hookworms, That Fucking Tank), playing with a diverse range of artists such as Sun Araw, Oneida, The Men, Disappears, Damo Suzuki, Hookworms and an invite to play Primavera Sound. 

The band’s second LP ‘Country Music’ sees release on February 9th 2015 via ATP Recordings. Recorded during an intense two-month research residency, generously funded by the Cuatroquesos Foundation, in the idyllic yet remote region of Tuscany, Italy, Country Music is both a significant development and audible departure from the sound of the band's debut Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune. It sees the band return to their origins as a 2 piece, whilst continuing to develop their sound taking an audible departure from the droney psych built around repetition that their early output was built around. ‘Country Music’ sees Vision Fortune completely strip back their aesthetic , dropping the layers of distorted guitars and whilst still employing repetition as a key theme it instead focuses on minimal song structures built around dark electronics, precise percussion, layered vocals and haunting samples.

Confined in an expansive country villa for the duration of the project, the group soon found the breathtaking beauty of the area little compensation for the almost complete lack of wheat-and/or gluten-free products, a severely limited selection of DVDs, and minimal recording equipment. Only able to record in scant free hours, and forced to make the most of their immediate sonic environment, the group often had no choice but to forgo their simple daily routines of sampling local gastronomic delicacies and honing their horse-riding skills in order to complete the album.

In spite of these obstacles, the ever-adventurous Vision Fortune have created their most sonically inventive work to date - sparse, yet incredibly detailed and precise.


  • “I love Vision Fortune. One listen to their debut album, Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune, in a rare shaft of sunlight while waiting for a train back in March triggered a minor spiritual epiphany.” The Quietus
  • “Vision Fortune’s debut is tantalisingly restrained and thought out; paced, spaced and atmospherically imbibed within a carved-out world of ambience that they have created for themselves to exist in. Utterly Enthralling.” 9/10 - #13 Best Album of the Year - Loud & Quiet 
  • “Vision Fortune’s music harnesses with an ability not born of practice or premeditation a set of behaviours and body rhythms hardwired into our nervous system and simian-derived psyche. Theirs is the beat with which the old tribes scared their prey out of gnarly woods, and the beat with which these tribes beat on their wooden shields before heading into battle with their neighbours, theirs is the light of a storm experienced in a barren peak, illuminating what could well be the face of the God in the clouds, frowning like the knots in the bark of a tree, before she speaks with the voice of thunder. Every time Vision Fortune do their unleashing they create a demonstration pure like mathematical proof but written with sledgehammers” – 20 Jazz Funk Greats.

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