Album release: "The Three Lightbearers"
Release date: 19 December 2014
Listen / more information: on Bandcamp

US experimental metal duo Veilburner have created an album, which through its combinations of styles and influences, has seamlessly combined modern death/black metal with hints of industrial, classical and at times even world music. ‘The Three Lightbearers’ is an unyielding foray of styles and influences which unite technical and visceral instrumentation with moments of ominous serenity. Veilburner walk a fine line between offering sonic variety whilst maintaining a cohesive identity.

The band hail from south-eastern Pennsylvania, consisting of Mephisto Deleterio (instrumentation, backing vocals and production) and Chrisom Infernium (lyrics, main vocals and artwork). Forged from each of their other projects, Chrisom's lyrical themes and artistic style seemed a perfect complement to a collection of unfinished instrumental pieces that Mephisto had been working on, so a collaboration began which resulted in their debut album, ‘The Three Lightbearers’

‘The Three Lightbearers’ is an album that is as intriguing as it is chaotic and bleak. By exploring a variety of moods, tempos, and soundscapes, Veilburner are able to traverse a number of musical territories. The lead track from the album ‘Nil Absolute’ demonstrates the best of the bands caustic tech guitar, whilst also creating an esoteric and dissonant setting, which comes as a result of the bands “mad scientist” approach to compiling vocal and instrumental textures and effects.

The album calls to mind the sounds of bands such as Nile, but it is evident that the bands influences don’t end here as Chirisom clearly takes vocal inspiration from the likes of Marduk, Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth, by crafting beguiling lyrics that are eloquently haunting and memorable.

Veilburner’s individual and evocative lyrical approach was inspired in part by Chrisoms interest and research into the occult, theosis, and the idea of manufactured messiahs. He says, “the lyrics deal with the idea that we were gods struck down, to be plagued inside the realm of flesh, and they try to relay the true disgust of humanity and the ideologies in which the masses prefer to follow, rather than what their hearts tell them to follow”.

As a debut album, ‘The Three Lightbearers’ is incredibly accomplished. Veilburner have produced an album that stands out from the crowd, by creating something familiar yet individual in its approach.

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