Live performance: Boho Dancer's London Showcase
Location: 229 the Venue - 229, Great Portland Street, London W1W 5PN
Date: Monday February 17th at 6pm
More information / music: on official band website

‘Boho Dancer's music is so sweet yet so sad… it's tempered by a childlike fragility that makes the songs sound like whimsical folk for fairy tales with a sinister undertow.’ – The Guardian

‘Bewitching Acid Folk with a deeply personal edge, their intertwining harmonies, their intricate song structures are matched to an unusual directness.’ – Clash

Danish trio Boho Dancer are pleased to announce a special one off show at London’s intimate 229 venue in February. This exclusive event will showcase the band’s already renowned delivery of sweetly melancholic folk-pop and gear audiences up for a special expanded reissue of their acclaimed album ‘Gemini’.

Despite the fact that they have a natural constituency, Boho Dancer’s live performance has the ability to emphatically stir even the most unlikely of audiences. As singer Ida Wenøe recalls, “We were playing a gig on a boat to Oslo recently, and this very macho guy, who we would never have thought would like us, cried through the whole show! I really like those experiences - It has to move us to be able to move others. What is amazing about music is that it has its own language, and it is this language that we use and embrace.” And they do so in the most enchanting way, utilising sophisticated instrumentation, quirky yet crisp percussion, beautiful cover renditions and the most emotive of harmonies, it’s certainly a show that will tug at the goosebumps in your skin.

Boho Dancer’s enchanting music, with their quirkily appealing vocals and captivating melodies, has gained them a considerable following in their native Denmark and is winning them fans across the rest of the world. The music is highly emotional yet accessible, and there are dark, almost gothic overtones, “a melancholic Nordic vibe”, as Ida puts it. Meanwhile, the singing is equally cute and cutting and the lyrics express a worldview that is childlike yet weary. Like fairytales for adults. Influenced by the classic songwriting of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake and by more contemporary exponents of folk-inflected pop such as Local Natives, Fleet Foxes and First Aid Kit, Boho Dancer also bring a certain indefinable Nordic quality to bear on their songwriting.

Their debut album, Gemini is a haunting delight, with songs about good friends and bad weather, love in general and the local landscape, that, even at their most delicate, have the power to haunt long after they’ve finished. Although this album met critical success across UK and European press the band have now decided to release the album in a bonus version containing 3 extra tracks that have previously been released as an EP in Denmark.


Boho Dancer are: Ida Wenøe (lead vocal, guitar), Símun Mohr (bass, vocal, guitar) and Asker Bjørk (drums, vocal, guitar).

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