"Antun Opic is the real songwriting-deal...a rare talent" - Music Radar

‘Songs peppered with wit, wisdom and a debut album of considerable charm...boldly ambitious, remarkably good and hugely enjoyable.’ – Folk Radio UK

“I don’t feel ‘home’ anywhere” says Antun Opic. With his dual origins from both Germany and Croatia, the singer-songwriter has always lets his sense of rootlessness feed into his work. Staying true to his adventurous soul he visits the UK in February, to soak in further inspiration while offering up his own to us.

The London showcases come after his debut ‘No Offense’ (on his own record label Antuned) intrigued the UK audience with a digital release last Summer. Opic's alternative blend of world music, blues, and pop made an impact, bringing the brightness and tranquillity of its hometown in the German countryside with skilfully accessed and adventurous styles from even further afield. 

Antun’s solo project can encapsulate and transmit a panoply of different atmospheres, both acoustically and with amplification. On record, accompanied by his eponymous trio as well as guest musicians, he allows blaring brass and woodwind to meet swinging banjo, fiddly acoustic and deep bass, with unconventional vocal harmonies echoing in the background. His solo outing is no less beguiling though - sometimes his guitar romanticises in the style of Django Reinhardt, sometimes, it devotedly enthrals in the manner of Paco de Lucia. In some of his songs, Antun Opic includes passionate gypsy and fiery flamenco, only to recall Paul Simon's African borrowings in others.

Having toured restlessly throughout his ongoing youth with a range of characters as well as becoming a fixture in Munich’s music scene, Antun Opic has gained an intimate knowledge of performance. Despite his worl-reaching and varied influences he can ultimately deliver his adventurous artistry as a charming, effortless and sophisticated production, resulting in a live experience that is as soulful as it is jubilant.

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