Album release: From Psychedelia…To A Distant Place by Fuchsia
Release date: June 10 2013 
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Fuchsia is a British progressive folk rock band formed in 1970. Named after Fuchsia Groan, they released one album before disbanding. Their self titled album was featured as one of Mojo's Forgotten Classics. Formed while a student at Exeter University, and comprised of Michael Day (bass guitar), Michael Gregory (drums, percussion). The trio was soon augmented by Janet Rogers (violin, backing vocals), Madeleine Bland (cello, piano, harmonium, backing vocals) and Vanessa Hall-Smith (violin, backing vocals) so that Durant could explore his musical ideas. Stylistically they drew comparisons to contemporaries, Jade and Comus.

Over forty years later, band leader Durant (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead vocals) has put together a record of brand new material that picks up where Fuchsia V 1.0 left off. In his own words, “Fuchsia was a work of love unfinished, abandoned, left for dead,  but then it would appear some projects can take on a life of their own. My return to writing for Fuchsia has been due to the personal response I have had to that strange little album I recorded so long ago. When I abandoned it, it seemed to go off and do its own thing.. I was totally blown away when Gianpaolo Banelli (Nightwings) first tracked me down in about 2003 and let me know that it had many fans out there and was now living online, making new friends, and selling through various pirate labels. John O’Regan, who became a huge fan, said he had stumbled across the album in a junk shop in the 1980’s, and later wrote a glowing review in Mojo Magazine.”

From Psychedelia… came together, initially, very slowly. Many elder rock statesmen will often say they have nothing to communicate anymore. But as is evidenced on this new record, when the music came together, it guided the band to new directions and to new ideas. Slowly but surely they evolved. Jotted down half-ideas for drum programming and electronic string sequences soon became fully fledged band arrangements as more musicians became part of the family.

Fuchsia now welcome listeners old and new to (re)join them in celebrating a new chapter in their existence. As with all the best bands, they are fluid, full of motion, purpose and direction. But for too long Fuchsia have lain dormant. From Psychedelia… marks an intriguing return from a truly re-invigorated songwriter. 

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