Album release: Tangowerk by NHOAH
UK release: March 11 2013
Label: R.O.T Records
Listen: on official site   

Tangowerk is esteemed Berlin producer Nhoah’s first solo album. Having previously collaborated with the likes of successful German rock band Mia. and the Pogues, he has paved out a successful career as a producer, creating gold and platinum records. Now, fusing personally treasured cultures, Nhoah brings together Berlin electronic music and Buenos Aires tango for a highly expressive debut. 

From this passionate collision between two worlds, Nhoah has created a multi-faceted album, with tango orchestration, synthpop, shellac sounds and electronic stylings. In the 1980’s Nhoah quickly became fascinated with using computers to manipulate the gramophone sounds of his childhood, recreating them with analogue radio techniques and close harmony effects. His evolution into glamour was via synthesizers and his time in Berlin's gay and transvestite scenes, hence the androgyny and eroticism of the Tangowerk model - the pull of traditional tango, offset by the explosive energy of electronica, with theatrical vocal performances, and authentic passion and longing. Music that easily lends itself to club and dubstep remixes, as exemplified by previous single ‘Innocent’ feat. Lulu Schmidt.

In developing this project, Nhoah enlisted friends, artists and agitators from the Berlin music and art scene. In Buenos Aires, they searched for the highest degree of artistic collaboration and found it in an intense creative process that moves from meetings with Argentinian musicians, to extraordinary studio sessions, to late night odysseys through tango and burlesque clubs.

An interesting listen on record certainly, but when taken to the stage Tangowerk turns into a spectacle. Between three and twelve musicians and dancers accompany Nhoah in performance with exalted costumes and advanced video animations. All the while the ears are educated in the compatible mix of electronic club sounds and tango rhythm. 58 minutes of video content available in the ‘CD + DVD’ package, featuring official videos, tango dance performances and a ‘making of’, is necessary in realising the true aesthetic of Tangowerk.  

Having already been released in Germany, Nhoah has reached worthy critical acclaim for Tangowerk. It was nominated for the “German record prize” and the “ECHO newcomer of the year.” 

Watch the video for ‘Ob Ich Dir Treu Sein Kann’ (‘If I Can Be True To You’) featuring the delightfully whimsical Berlin Comedian Harmonists here. Or watch the subtitled EPK explaining the whole project here.

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