Album release: Silje Leirvik – Endless Serenade
Label: Autumnsongs Records
Release date: 16th December 2013
Listen: via Youtube sampler 

Autumnsongs Records are very happy to announce Norwegian songwriter Silje Leirvik's second album, Endless Serenade. The album comes only a year after Leirvik's debut, and is packed full of lush atmospherics and a glowing energy. Where her debut album, With The Lights Turned Out So Beautiful, was set in a more traditional singer-songwriter genre, featuring the organic tones of grand piano and string section, this time Leirvik (alongside producer Rhys Marsh) decided to experiment more with textures — feeding pedal steel guitar, electric piano and drum machine through tape delay machines, then blending this with drums, mellotron and guitars. This results in the album having a very warm, retro presence, that swims through its gorgeous undertones or folk, rock and pop.

Opening track Glass of Water sets the album’s shimmering tone with its gently pulsing guitars and lyrical refrain “I’ll drink of yours, you can drink of me”, setting out Lerivik’s stall as a thoughtful songwriter, enchanted by the unknown. Recent single Silver & Gold echoes this sentiment. Leirvik herself says that Silver & Gold is a song about the complexity and mysteriousness of love. If it came in the form of silver and gold, we would know when it was found, but life tends to be less specific.” It is this theme of love, and the mystery that entangles it, that dominates the album thematically. Through the beguiling When In The Water to the mesmeric Snø (sung in her native tongue) a contemplative lyrical flourish is never far away.

“Once under the skin, Leirvik's songs will remain with you for a long time” Norway Rock Magazine

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