EP Release: Clara Bond, The Chase
Release date: 5 November 2012
Label: CRO Productions
Listen: http://www.clarabond.com

If you asked Clara's parents they would say that as soon as she could talk, she could sing. But after watching Disney's Pocahontas, she refused to stop. Now a professionally trained singing and songwriting virtuoso, her debut EP, The Chase, featuring impressive lead single Back To You, simply glitters with pure pop enchantment. 

At the age of fifteen Clara started professional vocal coaching and it only took one lesson for her coach to put her straight into a showcase. It was at this showcase where she was spotted by a producer who invited her to start work on a demo. At just 16 she began working full time in a recording studio and spent 8 months recording demos of tracks that songwriters would send in to her. During this time Clara developed her own passion for writing original material and she postponed the production of her first album in order to further hone her skills as a songwriter.

Clara spent the next two years gigging and writing extensively, developing her own personal style and sound before being approached by the producers of the film The Mask of Sanity to write and record the end credits song Lost and Found. Following the acceptance of The Mask of Sanity into the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, Clara was invited to attend the festival with the creators of the film. Being Clara, her primary aim was "to not trip over on the red carpet and make a fool of myself" - a feat she very nearly achieved that night, only to trip in the theatre of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom premiere! 

Her involvement with The Mask of Sanity was a rousing success though, with the film receiving significant praise and exposure and Clara herself gaining many fans - to the point that the producers even had to interfere when local photographers started hounding her. Her online fan base soared thereafter and her invitation onto SBTV to perform an acoustic rendition of Lost & Found, which was very well received, went further to justify Clara’s acceptance within the industry.

It was all of this success which prompted Clara to begin work on The Chase. With sheer wholesome talent at its core, the EP is giddy, catchy and sweetly intimate - a refreshing gem of a pop record backed by high quality production and a gorgeous music video. It is sure to provide even more momentum for Clara’s career, and hopefully more classy events for her to fall over at!

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