EP Release: Coastal, Crumble Blue
Release date: June 25, 2012
Listen: soundcloud.com/coastalcoastal 

Existing in a milky seaside half light, his ‘Crumble Blue’ EP is swimming in melancholy, but, crucially, its mope is tinged with hope.’ – Track Of The Day, The-Fly.co.uk

Coastal, a.k.a. Paul J Fox, is a 25-year old musician/producer from Belfast who draws influence from Beck, The Strokes, Robin Guthrie, Wilco and Television. His songs are punctuated by poetic lyrics filled with self-deprecation and loneliness, which betray perhaps a little more world-weariness than is reasonable for a 25 year old. 

Fox grew up on a diet of FM Radio and Paul Simon tapes. At age 12, he started playing drums and co-writing songs for elusive Belfast act Imperial Blether, who somehow managed to last 10 years without gathering any attention apart from a small but devoted fanbase on both sides of Northern Ireland.

After he left school, Paul spent a brief period living in Glasgow where he often performed shambolic live sets with a beat-up acoustic guitar and a drum machine, fusing his own eccentric songwriting with various Hank Williams and Sufjan Stevens covers. Each gig closed with an aggressively heartfelt version of Beck's Loser, usually ending to stunned or indifferent silence.

It was in 2009 that Paul became the new drummer/producer for Belfast folk-pop outfit Kitty and the Can Openers. Over the next 2 years, the band set out in Paul's car on an intensive regime of touring the country and recording, planning and strategising with almost military precision. Unfortunately, unhealthy division within the group led to their disbanding in early 2011, shortly after which Paul suffered a breakdown of sorts forcing him to retreat back to the bedroom where he started recording under the moniker of Coastal, making timeless guitar music that's been to the bottom of the ocean and back again.

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