Tour info: Honningbarna - UK and Ireland tour

Honningbarna are a group of teenage punks from Norway; their name translates to "The Honeychildren", and they have been kicking up a big fuss in their own country, having already won the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy this year and being nominated for Best Newcomer. They’re an energetic, uncompromising and driven live presence, with a lead singer who also plays, unconventionally, a cello. 

Following legendary shows at Iceland Airwaves, by:Larm and Roskilde, and a quote from Clash calling them the "most exciting band in Norway", they're heading over to the UK and Ireland for just a handful of shows in April.

Musically a potent mix of political lyrics against apathy and melodic aggression, they have already overcome tragedy in the last year, losing their original drummer in a car crash and only continuing as a band with the support of their families and a wish from his own. They're currently distributing new demos direct to fans, who are then encouraged to share with everyone they can.

Musically, they make hardcore punk with shards of lo-fi, post-punk and melody. In places it's like you're listening to a much skinnier, much younger F*cked Up. There's a few similarirties to Ice Age and Kverlertak in there too, inevitably with the latter also choosing to sing in their native language, and there is no shortage of riffs.

2012 live dates in UK / Ireland

  • 10th April at Whelan's in Dublin
  • 11th April at The Shackwell Arms, London
  • 12th April at Wide Days, Edinburgh

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