Album release: Darktown Jubilee - The World, The Flesh & The Devil
Label: Parade Recordings
Release date: February 25 2013
Listen: on official website 

Manchester Indie-rockers Darktown Jubilee present their debut album, The World, The Flesh & The Devil, a collection of 11 driving, emotive tracks. The album, which is released on the band’s own Parade Recordings imprint, was recorded over a few weeks in the North West of England with the band taking a hands-on role with the production and arrangement alongside long time collaborator and producer John Kettle. The 5 piece, comprised of David Boardman (vocals and guitar), Stuart Day (bass), John Cosgrove (drums), Al Roberts (lead guitar) and Gary O’Brien (keyboards), release Stay from the album as the new single, following 2012’s Breakdown.

Influenced as much by Springsteen and The Doors as they are by contemporary artists like The Temper Trap and The Killers, Darktown Jubilee’s core resonates with a fundamental knack for melody, timing and simplicity. Stay picks up where Breakdown left off, marrying sparse synths with Boardman’s bold guitar work. Counterbalanced by a melancholic lyric, essentially a meditation on loss, it marks out a striking front end to the record and its widescreen, anthemic, indie-rock. It’s a style that Manchester bands seem to pull off in their sleep, with Darktown Jubilee being no exception. But where there may be musical accessibility, a simplicity even, thematically The World, The Flesh & The Devil is a record caught in a balancing act between the bright and spirited, and the darker, achingly melancholic.

It's this juxtaposition that sets Darktown Jubilee just a cut above others of their ilk.

The band use the musical language of contemporary anthemic rock to dress pop in an intelligent, thought-provoking exterior. Marrying rousing guitars and us-verus-them vocals, as The Great Escape’s lyrics ring out in suitably passionate fashion, "We'll leave this city and rise above it all, We'll leave them standing ...and watch them fall", it’s a grand statement of intent. Well worth keeping an eye on in 2013. 

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